Who Builds your web page?

Who builds your web page? I need a really good one without paying 2 grand.

pm me if you like mine

I’m building my own after having rather negative experiences with two “web design” companies. I took Curts advice and got hooked up with wordpress and started building them (one for commercial, one for residential) a few days ago. One is Commercial Cleaning | Foley, AL 36535 and the other is [url=http://www.cleaningservicesalabama.com]Residential Cleaning Services | Foley, AL 36535. They were both the same color-scheme, but I was playing around with background colors a few hours ago, so the latest variation is the clean4quality.com. Haven’t quite made a final decision which color scheme I like better, but I can go in change either one in about 30 seconds.

I am not a web person. I don’t know html or css and understand about 1/3 of the help articles I read. But the whole thing is fairly easy and I’m getting pretty comfortable in being able to do whatever I want on the sites.

One of the things I like about doing it myself (aside from the fact that it’s actually getting done!) is that if I want to go on my site and add/change/delete anything, or throw a special up or whatever - I don’t have to submit a ticket or email and then wait for up to 2 weeks for the change to appear.

Total cost (not including my time): about $130.00 for the two sites combined.

I have to say that right now my sites pretty much suck and are wholly incomplete. But I really like the way they’re coming together and think that once I’m finished, both me and my (prospective) customers will be really happy with them. And I don’t regret for a moment having taken full control and responsibility for my website even if takes me a little while to get them fully functional.

Just noticed that where I had entered the web addresses in the post above, the site titles came up and replaced the addresses. Wonder what’s up with that - although it’s kind of cool. Hmmm. (Told ya - I don’t anything about all this stuff, so if I can build a decent site then certainly anyone else can - without dropping $2,000+)

My 11 year old daughter put our page up. :smiley:

I built my own in a weekend with Wix.com and I have to say that I would highly reccommend it. You just choose a template that you like, then change all the information to your own. After doing that you can add pics, change colors, and even create a mobile site without any knowledge (I know because I had none when I started). I get compliments on mine at least a few times a week from customers. Good luck.

Well the guy that did mine is ORGANI STUDIOS | WEB DESIGN | GRAPHIC DESIGN | ANIMATION | CREATIVE AGENCY | TULSA, OK but I didn’t go cheap on my website and design.

Also try designcrowd.com or crowdspring.com as other options that are budget conscious

Hey I really like your changing home page graphics. I have a wordpress site and would like to mix it up some. Did you put that in yourself? Any advice? Thanks man!
Mr. T Window Cleaning

Wix is quite possibly the worst thing you can use for SEO. In the web biz, free = sh!t. Just sayin, might want to spring for real hosting.

I will say that I know nothing about web hosting or the quality of website building programs, but I am happy with my website and it makes me a ton of revenue so I have no complaints. I do use Google Adwords and that is probably the main reason my site is so successful.

It looks flash based. I second what the Ninja said. Doesn’t show up well on my Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Yeah, Wix is flash based so I was not able to view it on my iPhone at first, but then you are able to create a mobile site that matches it for no extra cost that is tailored to smart phone viewing.

Apparently its not redirecting when a smartphone browses it.

I have never had one problem with getting the mobile site to come up, I haven’t heard anyone say they could not get it to work before.

I get the mobile one, but it’s not loading

I guess if one was totally clueless, the best way would be to do a windowcleaning.com site

Wierd, I have not seen that before. I’ll look into it, thanks for the heads up.