Who does blind cleaning?

It seems like it could be a pretty simple add-on, like dryer vent cleaning. In short, just add a small water tank and $99 mini pressure washer. No massive “di-vibration” tank.

Here’s a guy that seems to have instructions on setting up the equipment and how to sell and clean the blinds: http://www.blindbutler.com/

I have gotten several marketing emails from this guy. Not sure how he got my info… But it seems like you could just add this on without having to pay for “instructions”

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I think it could be a good add on. However, most of my customers have wooden blinds or plantation shutters, and those are just a pain to clean since you can’t get them really wet. If everyone has mini blinds, I’d offer to clean them for sure.

Since this thread is about blind cleaning and you brought up “wooden blinds or plantation shutters”, have you cleaned them before and if so how?
What kinda time frame did it take to clean them per unit?


Who does blind cleaning?

From the state of some storefronts ive seen lately… a lot of bucket bobs do it.

[MENTION=4249]ViewRenew[/MENTION] I’m looking into that system myself (were you at the same webinar with Sid…). Allegedly that cleaning system mentioned is supposed to work on wood blinds as well because of whatever waxy cleaning solution. I haven’t bought into it yet to know for sure but it looks a lot more promising and efficient than the giant blind massager/sound pulsator.

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I haven’t done any for a while, but I tried a few times to see if it was something that I would like to offer. I just used a slightly damp towel and wiped down both sides of each slat. They looked great but it was very hard on my arms, shoulders, and back; not to mention mind-numbingly boring work. I think I charged $15 per and took me around 10-15 minutes each. Not worth it to me, unless there is an easier way.

I saw Harrison Ford clean some blinds in the “Fugitive” with one arm while he searched the files on a computer. Looked pretty easy to me and it didn’t take him much time with a long feather duster.

I have added Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning and changed my name because of it’s profitability. I still clean windows, but if there is little to no competition in your area (which there will be), I urge you to give it a look. Let me know if anyone wants any more information and I could reply with some of my first year impressions.

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I’m curious about whether or not sun damaged blinds can be restored or if they should just be replaced. If there was a cleaning method to restore blinds, I’d be VERY interested.

But I’d be highly tempted to called the service “Blind Melon Chitlin.”

Unless they have doe, not me…