Who is excited for the spring?

I have spring fever!

Anyone else?

We are pressure washing again this week the next 2 days… I get so excited this time of year I can barely contain myself… Who else is ready to rock! ?

I’m chomping at the bit!
We did a gutter job on Sunday (Feb 19th) I’m pretty sure it’s the latest ever for us.

Irony= it [U]just[/U] started snowing as I typed this! Ugh!

This is going to be the year of growth for me. Two years ago I went through the hardest thing Ive ever experienced in life and am now getting back on track. Plus I have a new marketing strategy Im working on pretty heavy.

This [B]will [/B]​be our best year yet!

Ditto to Tony!

Moving our business to a market much larger than we are currently in on this Friday. Work is already rolling in. These next nine months are going to be a killer ride.

It’s been a [B]great spring [/B]so far, I must say! :rolleyes:

Looking forward to the next 3 months of spring too

Well thats a silly question Mr. Lambrinides… uuhhh YEA!! This should be a great year for the business. I’m already getting calls for resi estimates. Had 3 calls just over the weekend.

Can’t wait

I’m going to hit it hard. Can’t wait. I’m working on my specials to get the phone ringing. I get a nice # of calls to clean decks. Gonna focus on that & house washes. Up sells too of course

Hey Chris, have you seen the weather forecast for the next few days?

I’m keeping my phone on full charge, I have a feeling I’m going to need it :slight_smile:

you noreasters are gonna be wiped out by a 12 month work year this year, getting ripped off of your winter rest :slight_smile:

It’s on, like donkey kong!!!

We’ve stayed pretty busy all winter but I’m jumping out of my skin ready to go full steam. Sitting here with my finger on the send button to send out our first 50k mailers of 2012. Just another couple of weeks…

We are really excited, for sure. Have gotten some calls already. As long as the weather gets consistently nice, we’re ready to start work. Just a few more weeks of paper work setting up, then we’ll be happy.

Where you guys moving into. Please don’t say the QC :slight_smile:

It has become hard for me to sleep at night thinking about all the stuff we need to do and what Im hoping the year will be like. All I see is numbers when Im laying in bed trying to sleep! :confused:

It really feels like Feb going on April. The phones are going, emails are coming in a very March like way. I keep double checking the calendar. Yup, got a good feeling about this spring.

I’m exhausted just reading these posts.

January: loafing, lounging, but restless
February: planning, plotting, scheming - super restless
March: getting some jobs, building up momentum
April: moving faster, getting busier
May-July: alaskan fishing type insanity - feeling weak and exhausted a touch feverish after working 14 hours a day, 6 days a week

Don’t you just love seasonal work!


January, sleepless after the season ends.
February, sleepless anticipating the season.
March, sleepless thinking I didn’t plan right.
April, May, June, July, August sleepless trying to figure out how it will all get done. September, the season slows down, ultra stressed = no sleep.
October, November, December nightmares about winter and early snow that will ruin the fall season while working 6 days a week and pushing everyone including myself to the limit.

I’m exhausted

Im ready for the work but hating the current gas prices as they rise everyday.