Who is using Minuteworx?

  If you look at the Live Chat feature and some of our private Facebook groups people have been loving our new benefit with Minuteworx, the staff, time and work schedule tracking punch clock app. Let’s start a … [Continue reading →](http://shopwindowcleaner.com/blog/2014/04/who-is-using-minuteworx/)


I use it. Its pretty bad ass!
My tech is set up to punch in on his phone, but I could have him set up to punch in from a pc. It recognizes the ip and only allows the tech to punch in from there. When the tech punches in, it reads their gps so you know where they are when they do so. I have it set up so that it emails my employees hours directly to my payroll.

There are tons of other features too, you can set it up with customers, schedules, work orders, etc. So worth it!