Who wants $2000.00?

Ok, so I thought the Location Special was going great, and then I get a call for a job today in Pittsburgh PA and alas, we have not sold that city yet. So, here is the deal 25 windows with scratches from paint clean up, these are Anderson Dual Pane tempered windows with minor to moderate scratches. This job is easily worth $3200 (on the low end). So, you buy the system for $1195, go do this job and pocket $2K. Now, I have heard from many of you that you are SO BUSY right now, but I must ask, are you too busy for $2,000.00? First come first serve. This job needs to be done, it is ready to go, so who wants it?


That’s a sweet intro there Cody … a great way to enter the market risk free.

That’s pretty cool, Cody.

Can I buy the system out of state, and send someone to tackle that job? :smiley:

This is the whole reason that we are offering the deal. Currently we have users from all over the country traveling state to state doing jobs that should be handled locally.

I can’t believe there isn’t anyone who services Pittsburgh PA who is interested. If you know a window cleaner who lives in or services Pittsburgh do them a favor and pickup the phone.


You get me that deal in east Texas and it’s done before the ink is dry.

Cody, I was just talking to you today! I’d be willing to fly to Pittsburg from Calif. and do it. Any way to run the funds through you? After I complete the job, you’d invoice the customer, get paid, keep the cost of the kit, send the rest to me after completion? I’d be stoked if it worked out. Thanks!
Bruce Stewart
Stewart’s Window Cleaning

Has the work been completed?

Bruce, unfortunately we would be unable to line the job up directly though us. I can get you the contact information of the Insurance Company who needs this done ASAP. The job is STILL OPEN!

I just got off the phone with them about 10 minutes ago and they are eagerly waiting for anyone who could come do this job for them! It is 25 windows that ALL need repairs. This will easily pay of the system there is no doubt in my mind!

Is there ANYONE OUT THERE WHO SERVICES PITTSBURGH??? I feel like I have free money to give away that no body wants…

I’m only two hours away, and we’re all set up…

No problem Cody, just excited about getting started with GR. I’m just about there with the $. Talk to ya soon

Bruce Stewart

Hey Steve,

Give me a call when you get a chance and I will get you the details on the job. 888-769-0001.

Talk with you soon!


Calling Memphis TN…actually Memphis has been calling me! I have received 2 calls (one friday, and one today) about acid etch tags on Main St in Memphis. I have 6 windows ranging from 2’ x 3’ up to 8’ x 10’ that need to be serviced. One of the callers told Cole “I have called every glass shop, window cleaner and even GlassDoctor and no one will fix them” The total revenue from these jobs will more than cover the $1195 Location discount, so the question is who wants a free system? Call Alex NOW!

Job just came in for Corsicana TX (hour south of Mesquite) and alas Mesquite TX is still on the list for the promotion. This job will cover the entire cost of the system and still leave you room for profit. 20+ windows with scratches and hard water. Give us a call right away if you are interested so we can help get this job setup.