Who's going to be in a parade tomorrow?

This year we are going to be in our cities parade. A few reasons we are doing this, but the main one is to be seen and more known in our community. We have two trucks in the parade. Both 2013 Ford F150’s with full wraps. The first truck will have a huge PA system in the back jamming country music with a voice over in 3 parts of the song saying " Happy 4th of July from your local window cleaning company, The Dirt Hunter. "

The second truck will have 6 young kids in the back ( ages 6-10 ) waving flags. Then I have a few business friends who will be walking with me handing out candy/business cards.

Im curious if anyone has done parades before? If so how was your experience? What kind of stuff should I expect? Did you land any work from it?

I don’t know if I’d expect any work from it (at least none that you could track.)

  • name recognition, maybe.

But it sounds like fun, and it made me smile just reading about it.

Have a great time! :smiley:

I like the Idea

Rent a heavy duty bubble machine. It’ll get you noticed for sure. That’s my plan for next year.

The parade was yesterday and we already booked $800 bucks from it. I have a Gutter cleaning and house washing estimate to give as well tomorrow.