Who's Interested in Window Defogging

I have spent the last 2 years reverse enginering the process, chemicals, and equipment. Right know franchises run $15K to $70K. I’m looking at creating Defogging Network. A complete kit would run $1,500 to $2,000. It would include dvd traing, training manual, phone support along with all chemicals and tools. My hessitation to go full steam is the cost of manufacturing my own valves. Very expensive. I have been defogging for the last year on my own no franchise. Several months ago we completed an apartment complex $30K in my pocket and it only took 5 days with 1 employee. Just finishe 3 huge picture windows at a KFC for $195 per window. took less than an hour from start to finish. This is a awsome business add on but the franchise cost are insane. If theres an interest or you have any questions let me know. Just drilling a 1/8 hole in the glass is just the start. There are some specialty tools, knowledge and finness. Yes sliding doors can be done very easily also I charge $195 for these. Thanks for the read. Doc

I would be interested in a kit as you describe. I have looked at the defogging of windows for about two years now, but there is no way I will invest 20K for a few chemicals, vaccume, and 30 cent valves. Doesn’t look very difficult. Anyway, let me know when you get your kits together. Post on my profile or email me at [email protected]

we have a company locally who purchased a franchise, I am not impressed with their work. The barrier to entry is just too high right now for me to consider it unless I was going to do it full time

I would be very interested in ordering a tutorial video as well as supplies! You can reach me here or on Twitter @maentrepeneur.


You know you have my interest, Doc.
This is exactly what our community needs- a simple kit to make this a very lucrative add-on, instead of all the money-sucking franchisors that are out there now :wink:

It’d be just like printing money!

I have additional ink cartridges if you run out

I would really like to see a vid of you doing this and im very intrested