Who's paying this dude to clean their windows?

Out of boredom tonight I’ve been browsing YouTube (again) and have stuck on this dudes channel watching endless videos of weird

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He needs to clean out his van

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Painful to watch. The un-tidiness of his van is a direct reflection of his work!

What a train wreck…!

Between his “spotting with the WFP” bs… Like dude change your filters, it ain’t your half ass rinse job

Curling? I was unaware that window cleaning was now some sort of winter Olympic Games sport

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That drives me nuts when my swivel gets that loose. I’m sure it bothers him he just couldn’t find a screw driver to tighten it.

Haahaahh! what a pi**er!:rolleyes: geez louise let me in his area, itd b easy candy

Looks like video is unavailable now. He probably is on the forum and saw your negative commits and removed it. I didn’t get to see what you are talking about.

Some of us do this business for awhile and we think we know everything about the business. There’s no need to make fun of someone who is trying to do it. We sometimes forget where we started. Just food for thought.

I agree with you as longest you are not the customer that hires him LOL.

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Again. I didn’t see the video.

I agree that nastiness and hurtfulness aren’t necessary. But a lot of us know he’s been cleaning windows for 40-some years. It’s just very bad video and verbal skills.

Who wouldn’t love watching a Phil Alexander video?

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Phil is actually quite knowledgeable about some things & has been using the pole system for years - - But he is AWFUL at making videos and taking photos, and is absolutely clueless about presentation & marketing (Sorry Philip!).
He actually sells WFP gear (He’s got a nice little online shop built by yours truly) - but I advised him to delete every single video he has off youtube as they do not reflect well on him or his business!

Yep, you wouldn’t know it by his videos, but he does know how to clean windows and use his inventions properly.

Oh? You’re the one who build that new online website for him? It sure looks much cleaner and more professional than his original SimPole web site. I’m glad he had you build a new one for him. Good job!

I was able to see the video just fine. So it might have been just temporarily down.

I agree with you 100% their is no reason to be-little some one…My comment was about how unorganized his van was.

Sorry if it offended you our the guy who made the video!

I hate to be critical too, but seriously . . . when you look at the audience who is watching the video, what else do you expect? If did something that was not a good reflection of my business or inline with industry practices I hope people would let me know. If you post anything in a forum, Youtube, whatever you are going to have to deal with the fact people are going to be even more critical of your work and not their own.

Actually, he did have the second fastest time in the medley window cleaning contest at the IWCA convention in 2010. The winner was the fastest window cleaner in the world for a bit. 40 + years experience tops most if not all of us. I did not even start till 40.

What a wonderful thread!

I posted this because it makes him look unintelligent, unskilled, and unorganized. I don’t know this guy or how long he has done this for, but you guys say he’s been cleaning windows for 40 years? Then good for him, but you’d think he would know why his windows were spotting from what appears to be (at least) a monthly route job.

I probably came off as a dick, but I don’t know all of the people you guys do and by watching this video is all I know about this guy.

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