Why are windows still smeary looking?!?

I clean banks & part of the job is to clean the customer doors. I spot clean the fingerprints mostly & here & there use a squeege & glass cleaner concentrate. lately I’ve been using the sqeege more often because they drive me nuts. It seems like you used to be able to go a bit in between squeege cleanings (for sure a few days) & spot clean before the build up got to be too much. Now, w/in days my windows look all smeary again. WHY?

Because more customers use the doors, henceforth leaving more fingerprints.

You may be using too much concentrate, for the spot cleaning of fingerprints grab some Sprayway foaming glass cleaner. It may not be a bad idea to use the Sprayway on all the windows occasionally to cut done on any residue left by the concentrate

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If there is no tint film on the glass, try using as a cleaning solution this:

(assuming you are using a container that holds 4 to 4 gallons of water)
2 gallons water
1 second squeeze of Dawn dishsoap

If you don’t have a t-bar scrubber, you can pick one up from home depot if you are in a hurry, or if you want professional equipment go here.
Be sure to get a sleeve for it too.
Buy a squeegee that is at least 16 inch’s but not more than 18 inch’s.

From now on, you may want to consider cleaning the whole panel of glass instead of spot cleaning.
Reason being, depending on sunlight conditions (time of day, weather etc…) you may not see things that should be cleaned when you’re cleaning it.

Hope this helps.



I thought the STP additive was to help him clean faster, shave off time, and reach the checkered flag with style.
Your too funny Tory. Thanks for your time man and take care.

Good info, at my 9-5 I’d get the entry doors in good shape and then someone else will spray windex and use a squeegee several times. First thing in the morning with the sun coming through and you’d think somebody was finger painting with vaseline or STP.

Dang. I did say stp didn’t I?!

Dislexic for sure. What up Art! Hope your’re well my friend. Thats what I get for acting like I know it all huh?! lol

Everything is good Buddy. It was a slip but worked well. Hope your busy.