Why Chris is the coolest

Just thinking out loud here…thinking about how cool and fun and stylish and likeable Chris is…

Oh - hold on - you dont think Im trying to win “thread of the month” do you?

I’m offended. Just admiring Mr. Lambrinides (Mr. Incredible)

ok you win… please forward over your address…

Why is Chris the coolest…HMMMM let me think…OKAY her it is…

  1. World traveler…Tijuana counts right?
  2. Has seen a Zonkey up close
  3. KURt, Kurt, Kurt (God bless you man!!)
  4. Not just anyone can wear their hat to the side
  5. He’s got great hair
  6. Single handedly he keeps Red Bull in business
  7. Who else can get away with storing people in the fridge?
  8. Whitest teeth ever!!!
  9. Marketing genius

[COLOR=Black]This is Chris…[/COLOR]

//youtu.be/Super Cool - YouTube

Chris needs to get a dog!!!


Who would like to buy a heavily discounted Scraper? BNIB.

yeah, Chris is ok (ok until he raises the ante to a new