Why Do You Suck at Marketing?

Ever ask yourself that question? Have you ever felt that you will never understand marketing?

We all have felt that way

Do you want to know what is crapping in your hat?

[B]You know too much about your service[/B]

Sometimes we know so much about window cleaning and everything that surrounds it, we think that stating our educated vast knowledge of “why to” reasons will make the public stand up and cheer…

Why do people purchase your service? Why do people keep coming back?

Do you know? Do you [B]really[/B] know?

Do you know what I see from almost every service business out there?

"Highest quality at the lowest price’

Let’s say for arguments sake that is what we are using right now as our key selling point.

Do people buy because of highest quality at the lowest price? hmm… are both highest quality and lowest price both subjective to whom is reading the ad?

They both really say nothing, don’t they?

Why do people pay to get their windows cleaned? *Hint there are plenty of reasons… all based on emotional issues of course.

That is why I think putting out ads coming from different meaningful angles is best for a well rounded and well versed message.

Change up what you are saying… often. I am not talking about changing your core message. You must have a congruent company message that is on everything to ever hope of any company awareness (branding)

Your headlines should change. Your offers should be shuffled. Your emotional triggers in your text needs to be tried and swapped in each area… over and over.

Don’t forget, everyone in a neighborhood is not all the same. Notice they do not all drive the same car. They do not all dress the same. They do not all decorate their homes the same. Some smoke, some drink, some are Republican, some are Democrat… etc, etc…

There never will be a universal message.

So I always advise people to hit areas every month. Hit them with a different punch every time. Try to hit on all the different reasons people become interested in something like this.

Forget your technical knowledge as people could care less.

Always look at your company from the outside and you will reveal what is great and what is not.

Just some more of my musings… thanks for reading

Good post!

It has taken me a while to realize this but i am starting understand this!
Nobody cares about your company’s ability to clean all the windows in their house in under an hour, our the 2500 dollar Wfp pole system you carry on your truck!