Why do your customers buy from you?

I have been trying to nail down why people buy window cleaning from us. What is the product my customers are walking away with? Michaele E. Gerber in The E-Myth Revisited says, “The product is what our customer feels as he walks out of your business” (pg. 154). He goes on to say, “The truth is, nobody’s interested in the commodity. People buy feelings” (pg. 155).
In one word or phrase why your customers buy window cleaning from you? What “feelings” are they buying from you?

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We answer the phone.

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Just too darn good looking.

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Reality is you don’t know

Want to find out?

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I look trustworthy

It Depends on the customer. Some buy happiness. Some buy safety. Some buy freedom from guilt. It depends!


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I agree, I think a lot of Resi customers buy happiness. I was also thinking time and quality. Commercial - convenience.

They want their windows cleaned

And I pick up the phone

Not much more complicated than that.

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Great referrals, clean , punctual, attention to detail.

That might be it for some part but…

…for you it thats badass breard! :wink:


I used to wonder why my clients use my services, then I started asking them.

What made you decide to start using my company?

What do you like about my business?

If there is one thing you would change about your overall experience, what would it be?

Hope this helps!

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Most clients chose my company because they heard about me from someone that is on my schedule.

They like the fact that I am trustworthy.

There is nothing they would change about my business.

The only way to truly find out is by asking current clients. This told me a lot about my company. Worked really well.

Trust is big. I’m also friendly and easy to talk to. Detailed work.

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