Why does my water fed pole do this?

I am having this issue. Not every window either. What is causing the streaks?

Jamming water into the top sill? Not rinsing good? Gremlins?

are those frames bad. we have some hotels that will do that

why wfp on ground level on a home?

Possibly the squeegee gods are angry

Honestly, the sun was shining extremely bright and I didn’t have warm water or vinegar. Thought the streaks woukd be minimal. Actually I use the wfp on almost everything. I love it. My customers love it too because of the environmental impact. Most even ask for it now.

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You need warm water and vinegar or you cant wash a window?

…You had to do that? You had to go mention environment impact and get me started…
WFP’s are not good for the environment…even the poles themselves, especially carbon fiber…
…oof, and fiber glass? oye vey…
but the main culprits are the wfp systems… RO wastes an incredible amount of water and the chemicals that are used to make DI resin are highly toxic…Don’t tell your customers but do your homework…


Thank you

I prefer warm water and vinegar yes. Better cleaning job.

I appreciate that. My customers still prefer it which makes me happy :slight_smile:

So do you also use hot water wfp system too?

Sometimes. Over here some homes have the option for hot water. When running hot water through the pole, it helps as well. Mostly cold through the pole though.

Why can you use cold thru pole but not traditional.