(Why) Does(n't) WCR offer email templates for email marketing?

I’m making a push this week to make some email newsletters and have downloaded some templates from theme forest. Does WCR address this issue/service?

The best I’m doing right now is taking the elements of the WCRA mailers and format the imaging to sit nicely between images and text.

A little tip if you do emails: Use Pics with moderation, but give them titles and put your real info in a text body in HTML format. If you load pics, link them to your ftp hosting so you can update it if there’s an error.

You could send out the email as a picture.jpg just like the card looks, but then not only will you have a giant file that would get caught their SPAM filter, but your email may never be seen. Most clients, like gmail, are set to block images when you load an email and customers may only look for a second before they move on. Gmail does this because many spammers hide their “objectionable content” like “Viagra, etc.” in the image.

Also as 20%(?) of “people” are checking their email by phone first, you have to take size into consideration. If you’re at a loss, check out any newsletter or bill you get from walgreens or your cell carrier to get ideas how to format your newsletter.

I’m open to feedback and your opinions in this.

Hi Garrett

Nice tips, we will be releasing some email templates in the near future. We do use a lot of images in our emails typically we make them as one whole image in photoshop so a lot of folks should be able to edit them.

Great idea. When will the be avaliable?

Before years end.

Lets not get too excited they will only be for WCRA members. Only joking but partly serious. Just partly. :slight_smile:

I hope you’re right. I pay for the edge that the WCRA gives me.

Join us and stop torchering yourself :wink:

Great idea

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blah blah blah. If your in it then that’s great. I probably would benefit from it, but I have too many things I have learned that I have not even implemented yet. To ad more information right now I don’t think would be the answer for me. The information and ideas are bottle necked for me right now. I just couldn’t help but make the comment because it seemed too perfect. I’m not knocking it I’m just having a little fun. Don’t get you panties in a wad.

Blah blah blah is right.

You ask and you shall receive!

Here they are for purchase:

Email Templates - Business

And here they are Free of charge for WCRA members.


Now keep in mind these are photoshop files so open the PSDs make your changes and save them as a large JPEG. I believe they are already set to 600 Pixels. Import that one image into your email client and your good to go.

We will be adding a whole bunch more of these in the coming months.


Nice! I just opened my Mail Chimp account and created a campaign. This will make round two AMAZING!