Why I'm over 5 TIMES more expensive than my competitor and booked solid

Because some of them are ULTRA LOWBALLERS

WOW, wow…wow


This is amazing to me. $75 for 32 panes, 2 story, screens, and tracks included.

Might as well just flip burgers man.

Man, talk about buying yourself a difficult job.

What’s with the metric system notation? Are there that many Canadians living in San Diego?

Genius. You surely see how this is working right?

‘panes’ 4x3 foot P-A-N-ES

UP TO 26. My garage doors (2) have 12 panes.
My bedroom has 4 panes, 2 windows.

I am using this.

I do understand Phil’s point, but I’m not into that “just need to get my foot on the door and I’ll sell them for sure” tactic. I think if a customer calls this guy with something in mind (a price) and ends up being 5 or 6 times more using that counting criteria, you’ll have a hard time selling something to this customer since he’ll be p***ed already and “trust” is something non existent in between customer/contractor at that point, which will make a sell terribly difficult.
Just my opinion.

I think that the whole panes vs windows thing is a rip. Just be honest with them up front. I would think that more folks would baulk at the price when they find out that they have more than the maximum “panes” and its going to cost more than they expected, even if it does get your foot in the door. You’d want them as perpetual customers, not a one time gig for $75 bones.

Besides how many of you can clean interior & exterior panes, tracks, sills, and screens in an hour. (one hour minimum for us is $75)

Did you see how he spelled “professionel”. Something screams of “fly-by-night” operation here.

I aint sticking up the dude. Dudes.

However, the concept of loss leader ads and freebie this or that…or fisrt window free etc is nothing new.

The idea is brilliant IMHO. I am all over it.

There is another service provider in my area who prices similarly, and I know for a fact that it ****es customers off, because I now clean their windows and they’ve told me. This other company makes it SOUND like it’s gonna cost $125, when he gets their it turns out to be DOUBLE sometimes even more.
I charge more than he does (his REAL price), but these people are still happy to use me because I was clear about pricing (note: I’m not saying he lies, he is just UNCLEAR, and thus deceiving)

As a side note here is the method I use for estimating over the phone, that eliminates a problem I’ve seen discussed on numerous occasions here, that ismost customers have no clue how to count windows. When a residential customer calls for an estimate, I simply ask what their approximate square footage is (usually they know this!) I explain that most homes have 1-1.5 windows per 100 square feet so if they have a 3,500 square foot home, it will be aprx $350-$400 (I charge $10/window) for my service area, this formula works very well, window/sq ft may differ in other areas, I don’t really know.

When doing a phone bid I ask the customer to tell me how many windows they have and what kind they are. If they aren’t sure what kind I can describe different styles so they can then count them. I also make sure they understand I will be doing an actual count when I get there and the phone bid is subject to change at the appointment.

So, the subject line reads “[B]Why[/B] I am over 5x more expensive…” yet there is no reason why :frowning:

… ha, justing busting your ballz

Hey Paul! You’ve been missed!

The reason is because he is 5 times CHEAPER =)

for crap sake, what the heck is justing? I seem to be a little out of typing practice :smiley:

In a Craigslist setting or ?

Good question. I suppose I need give that more thought.

I have yet to meet a window cleaner making too much money!

What is “too much money”?

How many have you met?