Why is the rubber so tight?

Usually, other channels have a bit of room when rubber is inserted into the channel, whether it’s up or on the side.

The liquidator 3.0 and NXT-R rubber I purchased are too tight. Depending on the temperature, there may be slight contraction and expansion of rubber, and I felt a slight change in rubber length during the day, and took a picture and compared it.

The reason why I took the picture was that, in the case of the liquidator 3.0+NXT-R rubber combination, the friction at both ends of the channel felt in the hand during squeezing was quite annoying, even if it was the nature of the rubber. And as a result, it felt quite empty in the middle of the channel.

And it’s too bad that there’s no rubber protruding from the top. Since I am not a robot, the angle of the rubber surface touching the glass surface may change during squeezing. Of course, this part is not a problem if an appropriate pressure is applied according to the angle, and in liquidator 3.0, the channel clip touches the glass surface.

I don’t know if it was originally designed like this or if the product was defective.

I wrote using a translator. Keep that in mind.

Stick to brass and stainless steel channels, then use quality rubber like black diamond or ettore that are true rubber and not some synthetic concoction.

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I think it’s important to find the right tool for you. Thank you.

Wow, whatever translator you are using is pretty spot-on :slight_smile:

The main reason I decided against continuing with Moerman products is that I wasn’t willing to change my technique to use their tools.

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The friction is not caused by the nature of the rubber. It is caused by the tips
being angled, or ‘dog-eared’ as some say.

I am not sure why you say there is no rubber protruding from the top. It looks like there is plenty of rubber. I do not have the problem of the clips touching the glass.

Thank you.
Although I’m a beginner, I understand what you’re saying. Each person has a different standard that is important. :slight_smile:

I just replaced it with unger soft rubber to solve my curiosity.

Some desired results have been obtained, but 100% satisfaction is still.

what do you mean the clip touches the glass? only rubber should touch the glass. can you show a picture of this?

Thank you for your answer.

But I never said that the friction between both ends of the channel felt when squeezing is a feature of rubber. Perhaps there was an error in the translation process.

I’ve been looking for what you mean by dog-earned for a long time. I understand and agree.
I was the only one who used ninjas before Liquidator 3.0. It’s a relative concept, so I’d appreciate it if you understood.

I only used ninjas before I used Liquidator 3.0.

I am using a translator. I’m sorry. :joy:

I only used ninjas before using Liquidator 3.0.

I checked that there was water left on the edge when I used a ninja.
I solved this problem in the following way.

  1. The angle between the edge and the channel.
  2. The angle between the glass surface and the rubber surface.
  3. Pressure.

I mixed the above three elements properly and completely removed the water from the edge.

However, an error occurred with liquidator 3.0.

I definitely felt that each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages.

I hope the translator worked well. :smiley:

there is no way the clip can touch the glass.
please show a picture of your liquidator on the glass.

The pic you showed, the rubber extends too far, the rubber should be flush with the clip.

I agree, but funny thing is I ordered a channel, it came with the blue rubber
and extended past the clips…so I cut it off.

I don’t know if the product is defective or originally designed because I haven’t used various squeezees.

In my opinion, when squeezing, the liquidator 3.0 needs a little more pressing force than the ninja.

The picture above shows you without the force to press.

You may ask why the angle between the surface and the rubber surface is so wide, but I actually apply various angles to solve problems such as water left on the edge and uncomfortable hand movements when squeezing.

I am using a translator. Please keep that in mind.

Thank you for your advice.
In order to find the right length for me, I am testing with rubber short or long. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There seems to be a slight error for each product. :joy:

what brand of rubber is that?

the angles in your pictures are all wrong and will not produce good results. the correct angle is in between those in your pics.

It’s unger’s soft rubber.

the angle of the rubber is important the bottom left picture is too steep the bottom right picture is too steep but almost right.

the angle is more critical with liquidator than other channels

the soap mix is more critical also. i always add my soap onto my scrubber as tradman and polznbladz do on you tube.

with the right soap mix and the right angle you only need light pressure.

i always use moerman soft precut rubber.

i am trying to make my sentences simple so i hope they translate well