Why Me

Here is a totally gross tale of an experience I had last week.

Go to a house, clean the windows at the house, woman begins to write the check, woman lets a fart while writing the check, woman does not even slightly acknowledge said fart even with the pale stunned face of said window cleaner.

I guess that was the tip

Dude, you have to warn someone when you post something like this, I almost spit on my monitor. On the upside at least she didn’t try to blame you! :cool:

Wet or dry fart?

She sounds hot.

Hook me up?

Someone get the straight jacket Phil’s off his meds again!!!:eek:

During my ‘gig’ as a comedy magician, I escaped from one of those.
during my stay at State Hospital…I did not.


ha… the only thing hot was that southern breeze I got

…what did she have for lunch?

One of Chris’ breakfast sandwiches, no doubt.

That was funny right there.