Why - Why - Why? & FREE Waterfed Pole

I could have used a bunch of ??? in the title but I hate it when people do that.

But anyway.

Why is The XERO Pure our most recommended System?

Why is The XERO Pure Americas favorite System?

Why is The XERO Pure so trouble Free?

Snag a XERO Pure cart and get a Water Fed Pole & Shipping completely FREE!

Built With The Window Cleaner In Mind

-3 Stages Of Purification
-Non-Proprietary Replacement filters
-Works Laying Down Or Standing Up
-Light Weight & Portable
-Stainless Steel Housing
-3 Modes of operation
-No Pump Needed
-No Electricity Needed

3 Stages Of Purification

The XERO Pure comes with 3 stages of filtration:

-Carbon & Sediment Filter
-RO – Reverse Osmosis Filter/Membrane
-DI – Deionization Resin

No Extras Needed

-Built to be a no frills system
-No gauges, one valve and no meters needed
-No pump or electricity needed
-Plug a garden hose into the back of your XERO Pure and your water fed pole to the front, and you’re ready to work

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great pure water system, love mine.