Wide Body Channels

Hey guys. I am looking to buy a wide-body channel for the Ninja 40 degree handle. What would you guys suggest personally? Would you suggest a wide-body channel that Luke created? Thank you!

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Lukes channel is cool. We are waiting for some more to come in they sold out super fast in the popular sizes. https://windowcleaner.com/ltwc-squeegee-channel

The most common channel sold with that handle other than the Unger channel is the Ettore wide body - https://windowcleaner.com/ettore-super-squeegee-channel

Which one do you think is better? Super-channel or Lukes wide-body channel? Are they even different at all besides the color?

I can’t really say which is better. That kind of thing is subjective. The Luke one is different its kinda a hybrid of features from The Ettore & Unger wide boy designs.

But can you tell which one is better for a not very experienced person? I think I will get the Lukes channel

Buy them both in different sizes. You’ll try , an buy many different tools , in this business. Just the way it is. You might like one more than the other , as far as wife body’s. Back in the days I’ve always used the super channels , switched to the ninja wide body’s , an now I’m using the Sorbo wide body’s . It’s subjective , but we’re not talking a lot of money per channel . If I told you the amount of money I’ve wasted on tools , an in sure anyone who’s been in business for a while could tell you it would blow your mind.


I know it isn’t much but I’m just starting and at the moment I just don’t have the money to buy both. :frowning: But I understand what you mean, in window cleaning tool preferences are different for everybody and to find the most comfortable, sometimes you just have to buy a lot to see which one is the best for you

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We use sorbo wide body

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@Majestic66 is absolutely right. It’s definitely trial and error for each person. Some swear by Liquidator channels and I enjoyed them for a while but now I am much happier with Ettore standard which is what I started with.
So, I haven’t tried Luke’s channel (and I’m sure it’s great), but I can tell you that you probably won’t regret buying Ettore Superchannel if you go that route first. And, the price is right. You can probably get their longest one and cut to size as aluminum is very easy to cut and save even more money, although we’re talking about a couple of dollars here. Especially for beginners, Ettore Superchannel is pretty much a tank like their thin standard channels. It’ll serve you very well until you have some extra money to try out other wide body channels such as Luke’s or a few others. For pole work, I prefer Sorbos for better close outs, but they use different shape of rubbers, so it’s a little more investment in case you end up not liking them. Sorbos do have a little more learning curve as well although I’d hardly call them hard to use.
Have you decided on which size yet? An 18 or 20 will be the most versatile.

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I am going for 18 inch. I heard that Sorbo is great and also heard that Lukes channel is Ettore super channel and Sorbo channels combined, but I will probably start with Ettore just because there is so much more information about it.

I’ll almost guarantee you either one of these channels will get the job done. I’ve never bought a channel ,an not have it work . They don’t break easy. So if money is an issue don’t fret buying something that won’t work.
Make a choice , an know that it really isn’t a wrong choice… it’s just that down the road you might find something you like better.

Best I know how to articulate channels


What type of work are you mostly doing ? Storefronts , or Residential?

I don’t use wide body’s on residential. That’s just me . I only like wide body’s that are bigger than 20”. That’s just my preference.

Any channel will work. Buy one, learn on it, then buy more and develop a preference. Though, as @Majestic66 said some guys don’t like wide body below 18-20 inches, so if your starting on residential I would recommend standard channels, though you could probably make a wide body work.

I’m going to do residential. I have a 14 inch Ettore brass master channel squeegee and i am looking for a good 18 inch wide-body channel for my Ninja handle.