Wiljer Blue Devil

Anyone ever use em? What do you think? Who makes them?

I’ve started using them as my porcupines seem to be wearing out faster & faster. Still can’t fathom if I like them more than the porcupine. Good points - holds more water with the red microtiger. Bad points - sometimes you get the squeegee tangled in them from boab & back again.
Don’t know who makes them - sorry.

Someone had to bring up the Blue Devils again.:mad:

I was thinking of purshasing one, can’t use on interiors can you?

I listened to Terrapin Station just today.

What’s the difference?

sorry, I meant “you can’t use it on the inside if there’s tint can you?”.
So abrasive.

I’ve used it on tint - no problem. I did take it easy though. :wink: