Will the WFP system fit in my vehicle?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been cleaning windows for a month and a couple days. I haven’t read much into the WFP systems, but all I can really see or hear is positive things. like they are incredible from what I see/hear. I understand it won’t do marketing for me, and it is not a magical bullet to guarantee success, but I’m not really looking for a magic bullet.

basically, I’m considering trading my vehicle with my parents. They are trying to sell their 2004 Pacifica. Here is an image.

2004 Chrysler Pacifica

I have a 4 door honda accord. I know the vehicle in craigslist ad is not PERFECT for a WFP system, nor is it probably ideal, but will the vehicle in the craigslist ad be able to fit a GOOD WFP system inside the back when the back seats are taken out???

Would it be a good starting point?

It is going to be about an 18 hour drive one way, but I have some work I can do for my parents to help me pay for the trip, and get some money for the WFP system etc… But my goal is to get the WFP system before the window cleaning season kicks into high gear so I can be more profitable save time charge more etc…

What do you guys think? How much has the WFP system helped your business? When I talk to people about it they… reminisce and say “man If only I would have had this when I started” etc… Do you feel the same way?

If I don’t take the pacifica, then I would have to save up and buy a Professional business van when I can basically trade my car for a pacifica right now.

Honda Accords usually have a pretty good resale value, have you checked the Kelly Blue Book
Official Kelley Blue Book New Car and Used Car Prices and Values to see what you might be able to get for it.

Maybe you can look at picking up a small size pickup truck of sorts … jus’ a thought.

I do plan on selling my car. During the time that I’m waiting for it to sell though, I would use that Pacifica. The reason being is that I don’t have enough money to buy the van once I sell the car. Or if I was to sell the car, I would be stranded until I get the van/truck. If I just simply “traded” temporarily, I could have the pacifica while I wait for the car to sell, then save some money while still using the WFP and then finally buy the ideal van.

More importantly, Where should I go on these forums to get started looking into the WFP system? I See a whole lot of stuff, but can’t find an “introduction”.

I would REALLY like to start using the WFP system. My fear is over estimating the power of the WFP, I know it’s just a tool, but it seems like a pretty darn good tool to have.

Still reading about it and watching videos and stuff. but not sure where to start my research yet. I see that people recommend cleaning by hand first??? There is a 5-story business building that wants me to give them a bid, but I can’t because I don’t have the tools to get up that high. If I was to have a WFP and I had to go nose-to-glass the first time, then… wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of a WFP saving time?

and that also means first time customers I would need to clean the exteriors the slow method (squeegee) and hope they ask me to come back in 6 months so i can do it faster with the WFP. is that correct?

As you said, WFP is a tool. Some windows need to be scrubbed and cleaned by hand and some can be done WFP fist time. It’s kind of a case by case situation. If you have a safe way to do them with scrubber and squeegee then that is usually best for first time cleans. I you can’t get to them safely, WFP may be better than not cleaning them at all. If you plan to do 5 story building, you will most likely only be able to use WFP… And yest I think WFP system will fit nicely in the Pacifica.