Will you hit your October #s

We are teetering very close as the month finishes up. Some heavy rain and possible snow tomm may cause us to be slightly under.

We already hit a +25.3% increase over October of last year but our profit is down to about 1/2 of what it was last year because of unexpected costs for equipment repairs and maintenance.

We are up +9.4% overall for the year.

I’ll be about 6 hundred ahead of last Oct but the last couple months I have been pushing the extras like coach lights, screen repair, so that has helped. Planning on adding additional services like blind cleaning and carpet cleaning.

I’m up 22% for this October. November looks good too. I hope that the winter isn’t to nasty weather-wise. If not, then we’ll do fine.

We’re up 50% over last October!

Wow! Is this year awesome? Or was last year bad?

I’m up around 250%

However I started August of 07 so that’s probably pretty normal.

This is my 3rd year in this service area and each year so far keeps getting better. This year is the best yet. I’m getting alot of refferal work and my contract w/ Merry Maids has helped alot as well.

we will do about double last years Oct. but were a newbie too

The first part of October was brutally slow…unusually slow. However, starting end of the second week. We’ve been more than doubling in the amount of estimates, scheduling of the jobs. The upside will more than likely be record November, December Months.