Window are very exhausting! Or is it me?

Did a nice quick job today for about $175 was there for about an hour and a half. However i left there and was exhausted. This isnt the first time though it seems as though everytime i do residential after i seem exhausted/wiped out! Is it me or does any one else have the same problem?!

It’s you.

Ive been on resi jobs for 10 hours straight, no breaks.

Shouldn’t you be working to remove stolen text from your website instead of asking inane questions?

Seriously? $116 per hour and you’re tired. I’d get energized by that Andrew. What other jobs have you worked where you made so much? It’ll just take time for your window cleaning muscles to get fit. :wink:

you two guys would make a cute couple… just sayin

A nice amish couple 1 floor house, to them the price seemed great. Did a few mirros for them and fell in love with us lol. Did the house last year only exterio for $75 was there for about 30 minutes, this year i guess they upgraded! lol

Last week I did a commercial then resi job for 37 hours straight with 2 1 hour breaks. When I finished t took a 5 hour nap while parked in the carls jr parking lot haha :slight_smile: couldn’t stay awake on the freeway…

@Andrew, give it some time. I’m sure you just need to get used to it.

I love how straight to the point you are, Larry

I used to get tired after about 8hrs back when I smoked. Now that I have quit, I haven’t found my end point yet. Seems like I can take a quick 5min break for a drink of water and then I’m good to go.

Do you smoke?

After an hour or two you should really just be getting warmed up.

Give it some time I guess.

Spoken like a fifth-grader (aren’t you 17?)

Your website states that you are licensed and have $5M liability insurance. Are these claims true?

Hi! Great question! You see i do have a thing that most people have called a father. He helped me as far as legal matters go, not to mention i do have a lawyer in the family… Thanks for your concerns though bruh!

Hey man! That could be it, i wouldnt call my self a serious smoker but im trying to end it before it gets to that point… I think its just a matter of new england weather, we become so use to the cooler weather and today was the real first hot day… Like say about new england if you dont like the weather wait a few minutes lol!

You did not answer the question.

BTW, does your father know you plagiarized other window cleaning websites?

I figured you would assume if he helped with legal matters the fact that we are insured and cover a 5m liabilty insurance would fall under what he did to help… are you seriously going on about that, i explained and told the truth… why do continue to go id love to sit here all day and argue with some old guy about a matter that is a waste of time. remeber dont hate just appreciate (;

I seriously doubt you even have insurance at all.

You can doubt all you want my dude… I dont know what part you didnt understand when i said my father helped along with my family lawyer, becomiong insured really isnt that difficult… I understand you guys stay a pact and thats cool, one sticks up for the other, so on and so forth… Not to mention the fact that i do hold a valid tax ID number (; again thanks for your concern always appreciated!

He doubts you because you have no credibility – you plagarize text from others, have no reason to need that level of liability insurance, and even claim on your website that the majority of your customers are property managers even though you have stated that you do residential and a bit of storefront route.

I know its not, that is why I found it strange that you needed an attorney to help you get it. Us asking you questions has nothing to do with being a “pact” you simply haven’t provided any truthful answers. You may not think that stealing what someone else has written is a big deal, but it is generally looked down on around here. You could really benefit from the intellectual capital on this board, but instead it seems you have chosen to be a smart aleck. That is to your detriment.

I dont understand why he didnt say Yes I do instead of talking about all his family history though