Window Blind Scam?

Anybody heard of an e-mail scam involving mini-blinds? I received this message this morning but it sounds fishy. I replied with a request for more information. I’ll see if I get it before proceeding with it.

Dear Sr / Madam ,
My name is Mr. Henry ***** and I will like to know if you get me some window blinds. If you could, let me know if you can get me a price for a 40 by 40 inches slim line aluminium venataion, and I want this in an off white color. I am in need of a total of 60 of these blinds, please send me an email back with the total price on this as soon as possible so that I can email you back my master card details for the total payment. Let me know if you take master card for payments as that’s the only method of payment I can provide you. I will be awaiting for your reply back the soonest. STAY BLESS .


E-mail #2

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=navy][COLOR=navy][FONT=Arial]Steve Stevens ,
Thanks for gatting back to me , Well i will be needing the hardware on right side and i will be pickin them up by my self as soon as i other them and make my payment with my creditcard , Get me the shipping without installation . STAY BLESS.

Mr. Henry .[/FONT][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Do you even sell blinds?

Not really. I can get them and install them, but I haven’t really pursued it. That’s another reason that I think it’s a scam.

Sounds like a scam to me.

Sounds like a scam to me too.
I would just keep emailing the guy for a while to mess with him.

That’s what I have been doing. I quoted him some outrageous pricing and he jumped on it. What a hack.

Now this bonehead is on the phone with me. He can hardly speak English. He sounds Jamaican. It’s going to be a long trip to come pick up these blinds, lol.

Didn’t you have something similar with a glass polishing machine?

Total scam! I would tell him you need 2/3 of the payment down before you can make the order. If you ever do things on craigslist this is a common scam with different product.

Oops! Seems Henry’s wife just went into labor and he now needs the blinds shipped to a church in Ghana.

He recommends J-freight international shipping because of their outstanding service.

I have contacted them for a “quote” on the shipping to add to the order so that “Henry” can give me his credit card information.

I see where this is headed. I pay J-freight international shipping several thousand dollars up front and you know the rest…

Ahh craigslist! That’s where he got my contact info…

Wow that was quick, I already got the shipping quote! Amazing

Thank you for your interest in using J-Freight International Shipping Company for your shipping needs.

    We checked on shipping of 60 boxes 40”  long by 12” wide and 4’ thick at the weight of  720 lbs from 6555 Nancy Ridge  Drive, Suite 100 San Diego , CA 92121    ( Sonlight Window Cleaning ) to  location to Church of Christ 440 Airport Residential area Accra, Ghana 00233 and  the shipping costs is going to be  $4,790.00 . That includes international  airway taxes(I.A.T) , Tarrifs, crating/packaging and custom's clearance duties.  It takes approximately 7 days for delivery from the day of pick-up.
    [B]We will also like you to know that for you being the  shipper, you are the one supposed to make the payment  to us.[/B]  The only method  of payment we accept is via Western Union Money Transfer to our financial  manager in the delivery location.
    If you wish  to proceed with this shipment, we would require that you make the Western Union  payment to our financial manager in your delivery location at the address  below:
    Name:    Latifa Swallah
    Address: 38 Shipping  Ave.
    City:       Accra
    Country: Ghana
    Zip code:  00233
    As soon as funds have been transferred, we will  also require that you provide us with the following information  below:

    1. Sender's Name
    2. Total Amount  Sent
    3. MTCN #.( It will be provided to you when you have made the  transfer).
    As soon as payment is confirmed by our  financial manager in the delivery location we would then contact you to give us  a specific date and time for us to come for the pick-up. You can contact us back  anytime you need anything.
    We look forward to  serving you to your fullest satisfaction.

    Thank You
     Cecil Jones
    J-Freight International Shipping Co.

How does anybody fall for this?

I’m going to e-mail him back and tell him that I think I can get a better deal from another company. har har…

Yep. Nigeria of all places. ummm… RED FLAG!! RED FLAG!!

I don’t know how people still fall for this stuff.

The updates are great Steve! Keep em comming.


I used to work in the blind business and I (along with several other companies) got this guy a couple of times. It doesn’t matter what you quote the guy, he’s always cool with the price. But of course you need to use your own credit card to get the item shipped (Which he’ll tell you to add to his bill). This is just another way to get you to release your credit card info and get taken for a huuuuge ride.

Am Sister Veronica Wilson from UK,a widow to Late Douglas Wilson,am 61 years old,suffering from long time cancer of the blood.I want to donate $16.5m to you for the development of evangelism and also as aids for the less privileged and Charity around you
Yours in Christ,
Sister Veronica Wilson

I get at least 10 of those Nigerian emails a day!!! Did you know that I have relatives I have never even heard of and I am the heir to Millions of dollars every single day!!!
The most annoying part is that these idiots can’t spell, it drives me crazy!!! There is a website devoted to these nigerian 411 scams. The guy who runs the website actually scams the Nigerians out of money and makes them do the stupidest stuff. It’s really a funny website. I just can’t remeber it off hand.

I’ve been on the phone with this guy 4 times today. I told him that UPS would ship international for 2,000 less and they would accept his credit card as payment. Ha ha, he started freaking out about how his doesn’t care that the shipping is twice as much he always used J-Freight (wonder why?).

Supposedly he is going to send me his credit card info tomorrow so I can charge 11,000 dollars for the whole deal. We’ll see what story he comes up with tomorrow to get me to pay the shipping company up front via wire transfer.

This should be good…

This is awesome Steve. Please keep stringing this idiot along for a while.
The sad thing is that people fall for this kind of stuff all the time.

Holy smokes, the guy called me this morning and said he had a baby boy! Wow, what a blessed moment. He then e-mailed me two credit card numbers that are stolen according to Visa’s fraud department.

I told him that the cards would not go through but I emailed him a credit application and told him that if he fills out the application and faxes it to me that I will extend him credit and pay the $4,700 shipping fees until he can get his card problem fixed.

If he bites, I will ask for an $80 “processing fee” to sent in cash via DHL to me before we can proceed. I will also need a picture of him holding a sign that says ILOVEWCR

Stay tuned…