Window Chalking

Sorry if there’s a better forum category for this but I didn’t see one.

Does anyone have an idea how to bid removing old chalking then applying new? What would you ask for one of the lower windows (approx 6x8ft) in the pic? I’m thinking $15 for materials (2 tubes silicone chalk) per this size window. How long do you think it’d take to remove then apply? :30 minutes sound about right? I’m bidding on many windows but if I get an idea of what to price this one I can apply to others.

Thanks much appreciated.

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[MENTION=28111]toyter[/MENTION], FYI, it’s caulking: Caulking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I initially wasn’t even going to read your thread because I figured, “meh, just another newbie figuring out what oxidized frames look like…” :wink:

To address your question: caulking windows is kind of a specialized thing. Not always as simple as peeling out the old, squirting in the new. There are different types of rubber seals, adhesives, and techniques for commercial windows. Personally, I would refer this one to a glass install company.

I agree with Alex. I would let a commercial install company do that.

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When I was installing commercial windows we charged aprox $10 per window for removal and recauk

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Thanks Pax appreciate it.

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