Window Cleaner Falls to his death

This was originally posted y Jack Nelson Of Master Window cleaner’s Of America

Coincidently the accident happened In Jacks hometown. You can view the short but full story here:

Another reminder of the need to always think about safety on ladders. Also a good reason to always ask yourself - “can this be done w/ a WFP?”.

Remember – we use ladders inside as well. Use all precautions and available tools (such as Tony’s suggestion re: WFP whenever possible outside.)

I use a Ladder Stopper when necessary, including on concrete, decking, tile, wood and reilient flooring, etc.

Ladder levelors, including a PiViT, are invaluable.

Understand ladder safety. A quickie overview: Werner Ladder Home | Werner US

Don’t take ladders (or roof walking) for granted – always be aware!

Excellent reminders Larry! Never take chances w/ inside ladder setups either. Sometimes you have a curved stairwell and might be tempted to use less than safe blocking methods i.e. buckets under one foot. Always use a leg leveler or a staircase ladder like the Little Giant.

llaczko>> how do you like your ladder stopper? is it worth its money? i posted a question on this in another thread…under tools and equipment.

I LOVE it. It can replace a person (footing a ladder), but the safety factor is what sold me. Worth every penny. In fact, I used it today again (new CCU – all wood floors with reverse catherdral ceilings (think M shape, not A.)

Man Larry sounds like a tough gig. Did you take any pics?

Doh! No pix of the floors!

Awesome views there Larry! Must have been a tough gig to stay focused on.:wink:

Nice pics for your website and marketing materials…

You are correct.