Window Cleaner hobbies?

So we all have hobbies of one sort or another… even if we rarely get to enjoy them. I know many of us like to fish or play ball, or other traditional past-times (myself included).

But I’m curious what some your more unusual hobbies are and why do you like them? This is just a way to learn more about the great gals and guys on this forum, but also, I’m curious if we as WCers are a strange lot.

Ok as for my strange hobbies, the first, some you may recall is my love for Zombie novels and to a lessor extent, movies. I dont know exactly what it is I love about them, but I suspect it may have something to do with idea of man turning into his own worst enemy and all that sort of jive…plus I just find them funny and entertaining in a sick way;)

Also, my other hobbie is cast iron skillets and pans. My wife loves to shop the thrift stores, flea markets and even antique stores, in search of vintage treasure. I, having to accompany her on many of these trips, found myself drawn to the antique cast iron cookware. I just love the fact that they are old (the ones I collect) indestructible and just plain fun to try and clean up all the rust and years of grease that I often find on them. I only collect Griswold (my favorite) and Wagner. All the rest I let go for others who might want them.

So anyone else collect old cast iron? Anyone have an old filthy Griswold or Wagner skillet they want to sell?

So what are your hobbies? And don’t worry, you don’t have to go into why or how if you don’t want to. In fact this thread won’t even be seen by very many compared to the rest of the forum, so I doubt there will be many-- if any replies. But that’s ok, I’m married so I’m used to (and happy) just talking to myself… now where did I put that…oh here it…

My hobbies are solo acoustic guitar performance, inshore saltwater fishing, and insomnia.
Nothing weird, but I’m open to suggestions.

How about combining the three? You could go fishing late at night when you can’t sleep, then you could rest on the beach and practice your solo guitar since everyone else will be at home in bed.

But seriously, those all sound pretty cool-- except the insomnia part. I’m up all the time but it’s not because I want to, but rather 3 kids under 3 years old who need a steady supply of warm milk and diaper changes all night…every night…

I guess you forgot to list breast-feeding as a hobby earlier…

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Rock crawling Paintball jetski

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No I didn’t forget…

Sadly, my faux boobs (man boobs) aka “moobs” are for looks only. I simply can not tell you how many seemingly endless nights I have longed for the simplicity of what mother nature has provided to my better half.

During these midnight milk runs, I have continually cursed my moobs for their complete inability to lactate, thereby saving me many trips to the kitchen.

Speaking of which, the kitchen is where we keep our special inventions… they’re called a “microwave” and “pasturized bottled milk”.

When combined, they form a yummy and nutritious treat for all to enjoy-- especially those under 3yrs old.

You should try some! :wink:

That’s cool-- sounds like you definitely an outdoors kinda guy.

Don’t you also enjoy driving over Nissan Pathfinders on your way to work? Jk :wink:

Lol yep

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Not so much of a strange hobby but I used to play paintball and recently got into RC Racing. Don’t have a utube link of the local track where I race but if I find it I’ll post it.


If the world ever gets Zombified you will have plenty of heavy skillets to defend yourself with!

I guess my one HUGE hobby is composing and recording music…I have done so little of it over the past 6 years but I hope this business will free me up to start getting some of it down;-)

I’m sooooo glad that my wife nursed all three of ours.
I have no idea how to prepare a bottle.

And the diapers aren’t nearly as stinky.

Nah I would never risk denting a 100 year old Griswold skillet on a walking corpse. I’ll use my guns for that.

I’ll use my cast iron for bacon and fried potatoes; shooting zombies is sure to work up a good appetite.

Cleaning windows should leave you with time in the winter to work on your music…and prepare for the coming “zompocalypse”:wink:

My kids we’re all nursed at first as well. But after about 6 months we switched them each over.

As for the smell, 3 dirty diapers stink no matter what. If there is a difference, I could never tell. Perhaps the difference was too small to notice, like giving a zombie a breath mint-- it still stinks;)

As for making a bottle, just fill a bottle and then add two or three scoops of formula-- then shake. Very quick and easy.

Enjoy building Lego sets I just don’t like Lego prices >:( the one thing I love doing besides window cleaning is AGGESSIVE SKATING!!! :smiley:

Boarding or Inline?


Old thread time!

I’m a big gearhead, and have an old Camaro that I’ve owned since high school. It’s getting to the point where it’s going to need a restoration, but I’ll get there, someday.

Hey Thad Im into that to.

What year?

2013 World Series Champion
Boston Red Sox

Fishing bottle bass from the cooler and hunting geese…about all I have time for anymore. Used to ski and mountain bike 100+ days a year but I just don’t have the time anymore. If you ask my GF she would say my hobby is window cleaning as I do that 20 hours a week on the side of my full time job so she never sees me!