Window Cleaner Job Vacancy or Partner wanted

Hi everyone.

We are a small sized, friendly company based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

We need to take on another Window Cleaner (or two)

I do not mind if they have experience or not. If any of you guys know someone who would like a job but needs training up, that’s great. Otherwise, if you have some experience and would like to team up with somebody else, that works too.

Our main focus is ‘High End’ residential Window Cleaning around 65%, with around 35% in large-job Commercial Window cleaning. We do Low/mid rise chair-work windows too, and this year we are expanding to cover more High-Rise window cleaning. We also do New Homes Construction Cleans, Pressure Washing and Eaves Cleaning.

Please check our company info/details on the website below.

We have lots of work coming this year. We can also give ‘all year round’ employment if desired as we do New Build Construction Cleans all year and residential Snow Removal.

I have also considered taking someone on that could take over the business within a year or two, so could be more of a career opportunity if so desired.

Thanks for your time, and please get in touch if you (or somebody you know) are interested. You can reply to this thread or email me direct at

Damian Phillips
Window Cleaning Calgary | Bristol Cleaning

I like this idea,

Thanks Turner.

Would love to but I’m in Ontario