Window Cleaner Needed Shore Dr, Myrtle Beach!

Hi WCR Fans,
I have a residential customer in Springfield Ohio that has a vacation address on the 7th floor in Myrtle Beach. (Shore Dr)
They said most could be reached with a step stool on the balcony.
I thought a WFP with back pack would be ideal but traditional can work as well.
Anyone near there to take care of my customer?
Matt Perry

Call My old boss from years back, Chuck, from Windows Only located in Myrtle Beach. 843-293-7317

Thanks, I left a mssg on the machine.

Thanks again Seth, Talked to Chuck, he spoke highly of you. I gave him and my customer the needed contact info and he will take care of their windows at the Myrtle Beach location!
Both Chuck and my customers (Tom & Sandy) said thanks.

It’s cool that we can tie ends together so quickly via this group.

I agree Dan, it sure gives added value for my customer and builds the strength of the business relationship.
I just cleaned the windows at their Ohio location this morning.
Then thanks to this forum, was able to get a trusted referral states away!
My customer was thinking of using a step stool to clean his own windows on the 7th floor balcony, by himself.
I thought step stool on a balcony 70 feet high was not a good idea!
So I was glad to find him a Pro to take care of his glass.
Love this forum, Thanks WCR, and all its members!

No problem, Matt. Glad I could help. Chuck is a great guy and the best boss I’ve ever had. He obviously only told you the good stuff. Haha. I know I gave him a headache or two back in the day. But hey, I was still a punky kid when I worked for him.

He remembered those days as well, but bragged on how well you are doing now.
He sounded like a good mentor.