Window Cleaners Anonymous

Welcome to window cleaners anonymous where almost nobody signs their name. What’s up with that? Who am I talking to any way? It would be great if more people would sign their name any name even if it’s a fake name.

Bill or Bill W. like the people at AA do would be fine.

I agree that would be neat…

Oh and here are some quick instructions on how to set one up so you dont always have to type it in:

// to Set Up a Signature on Window Cleaning Resource - YouTube

i go by george w and i am a wcr addict :slight_smile:

I agree. Hey mdefiel are you a friend of Bills? :slight_smile:

“I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunk. Alcoholic’s go to meetings”.
Homer Simpson :slight_smile:

Hey DeJay,
I sign my posts so you can call me Mike.

Hi I’m John and I’m a window cleaner. Window cleaner go to meetings on the internet.

I don’t need AA I belong to window cleaners anonymous!

anonymous means in this case unidentified individuals. So I’m John.

Hey everybody my name’s Mike and I’m a window cleaner,

I washed my first window back in 1976 with a paper towel and some Windex. When I stepped back and saw that window shine I knew I was hooked on window cleaning.

A few months later someone introduced me to the squeegee method and there was no turning back. Once I get started with a squeegee I just can’t seem to stop.

I know I shouldn’t sign my full name on the forum but who’s kidding who. I wash storefront windows so everybody in town even my competitors know I’m a window washer, and I’m hooked!

Thanks for listening.

Mike D.

Do you want to have the forum become heavily moderated, and change to an email format as well?:smiley:

Capt. Anonymous

Thanks Jay,
Always enjoy your posts. No way. Bin there done that. This is the best forum on the internet for a reason. Alex and Chris know all about heavily moderated forums so you won’t find that here.

Mike D.

Thats how I still do it. Whats a squeegee.

Joe Blow

You got it Mike.

Well, if I followed Chris’s instructions properly, I should now have a signature! A name of some sort does make it a bit easier…though my real name is Joe Bloggs!

At least a first name would be nice.

Okay MIKE.

Does this make you happy then Mike?

people call me Star Brite