Window Cleaners Book of Knowledge

What are some embarassing or unexpected situations or accidents that have happened to you?

Do you have some “Don’t take any wooden nickles”, or “If I knew then what I know now.” words of wisdom.

Have them immortalized here, on this thread, for future generations of window cleaners to ponder and become enlightened by.

I always get my things ready the night before work. I can start actual work earlier from the time I save from being prepared. (Home earlier) I went to do a charity job for the Holocaust Museum and when I got there I realized that my scrubber sleeves were still in the dryer. At home. So I haul tail home and make sure I didn’t forget anything else.

My ladder broke. Ended up using their’s.

Spilled my bucket.

Bent my pole.

Hit a squirrel (My heart is still broken) on the way home.

I still got a letter of recommendation and going to get a blurb in their newsletter for free.

I’m glad I’m home now.

Moral of the story: Make sure you have what you will need before you need what you don’t have.

We all have bad days from time to time.

Last fall I broke 2 storm windows at 2 different homes both in the same week. I’m glad to say that the way I handled the situation (owned up to it pronto and had the glass fixed in 24hrs) made the right impression. Both customers were repeats this spring.

Only word of advice for storms are, DON’T FORCE THEM! Use your head smarts to get them apart and back together again, not brute strength.

Years ago I used to do several Bob Evans restaurants. I would start washing the insides at 5am so as to be done before they opened for breakfast, then hit the outsides. It was the beginning of winter and even though it was an extremely cold morning I hardly used any methanol in my water because I didn’t think it was time to be that cold yet. As normal I soaped up 14 top halves of glass, only to have [B]every one of them[/B] freeze up on me. By this time regulars took their prized seat by the windows, and watched me the “dummy professional” get it all straightened out.:o

that happened to me last fall… it still bothers me today :frowning:

I once ran over a squirrel and saw in the rearview mirror that only the back half of its body had been smushed by my tire, and I saw it trying to drag itself across the pavement, with a painful death imminent.

It killed me to do it, but I stopped, put the car in reverse, and backed over it again to kill it. I know it was the right thing to do, but it was one of the hardest…I may or may not have almost cried.

I may or may have just had my heart break again. :frowning:

Once while cleaning the windows at a home… I fell in a pond.

I went outside to check on the crew and see what kind of progress they had made since my last inspection. Upon finding out that one of the guys had done next to nothing I made him walk me around and show me exactly what he had done. He began pointing up and saying “and that one” “and that one”. I didn’t see “that one” so I started waling backwards looking up and not where I was going. After about ten paces in reverse I tripped and went feet first into a very deep coy pond. At least it was in the fall and the pond had been about half drained. I fell into stagnant smelly pond water. I jumped right out, got into a truck and drove to walmart. I was so mad all I could get out of my mouth was “I’ll be back”. I arrived back on site with new pants, socks, undies and shoes.

Morel of the story, Look where you step.

Tragety is the childhood of comedy.

Chris was probably mad back then. Now it’s funny. (Not that it was funny then…)

No, it was funny then too. I just had to calm down on the drive to walmart a few minutes. I did come back and laugh it off.

Good sport. You coulda made your guy jump in too for making you have to follow up on him.

I thought Linda said that you were boycotting items made in China unless they were Sörbo?


The ladder: Bungie broke on freeway.
The pole: Fustration (It kept twisting loose and the second section would slide into the first.)

Use straps in the future. Bungees stretch.

Hope you inspected the homeowner’s ladder prior to use.

Is there an issue with the collar or stone?

Just bought some 3 days ago.

It was a museum. I did check it out. It was a heavy fibreglass one.

That pole does not exist any more. (You know what I mean.):slight_smile: