Window Cleaning and Restoration #5


Out of all the products you’ve demonstrated so far, this seems to be the most messiest from getting the stuff out of the container to getting enough spread out over the glass. Still, if it does the trick…

It was the most difficult to use for sure. Normally I love Ettore products but this one needs help. I think they have discontinued it. If they decide to make any more the only thing I would change is to put into a tube to make it easier to use.

I notive that on some products in this video series, you use a scraper to clean it off and the A1 and MDR you didn’t. Any reason or was it just for these products?

I was trying to demonstrate different situations. Sometimes you’ll need to use a scraper to finish clearing the stain and other times the chemical and white pad or bronze wool will do the trick. Every situation is unique.

Many times for me, using a scraper helps indicate (“feel”) that the surface is actually cleared of HW stains.

Thank you for the input. I have 3 large windows to clean on a job tomorrow that have hard water stains from the sprinkler system and the hard water coming from a well. I have A1 so now I fell confident in handling the job.