Window cleaning and winter

I live an area that sees some colder temps (North GA) during the winter.

Do you all see any flux in business and how do you compensate for the temperature?

Apparently everyone in the colder areas sees a drop-off in the winter. If you do get some gigs, throw a little windshield wiper fluid in your bucket, keeps the solution from freezing in bucket and on windows.

Here’s some options -


GA is that Georgia? I can’t believe Georgia is cold, LOL. I figured it was like a jungle down there. I live in Manitoba, colder then Moscow in the winter. Residential is 100% dead for the 5 month winter though I always seem to be forced to do a few stragglers below freezing. But we can clean windows year round commercially. It’s harder and it’s miserable, I’ve even done chair work at -28 Celcius. The colder it is, the more methyl hydrate you have to put in your water. Brush it on the window and squeegee it off before the methyl evaporates. If the methyl evaporates all the water turns to ice and you have to redo. I would not recommend wfp with this stuff though because the whole point of wfp is to allow the water to evaporate on the window but methyl hydrate evaporates like 20x faster… then the water will turn to ice.