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Here’s a video I created today that discusses how you can protect your 2007 clients from your competition this Spring.

Check it out. (There’s also a FREE downloadable template resource available, so take it too…)

Sorry about the graininess…Youtube doesn’t like high-res videos.

Well, thanks to Web 2.0, I am very pleased to announce that the world’s very first “live” weekly video broadcast (aka ‘TV show’, but broadcast online exclusively) is going to become reality on Monday, March 17, 2008! On that day, at 11:00 am EST, tune in to catch the premier episode of

[SIZE=“6”][CENTER]“The Naked Window Cleaner”[/CENTER][/SIZE]

It will be produced every single Monday, and broadcast “live” online, at 11:00 am, EST. It’s goal is to remain absolutely, relentlessly focused on helping small window cleaning business owners achieve remarkable success, FASTER than they ever thought possible.

If you have an internet connection, you can tune in every single Monday at 11:00 am EST, for FREE, and on a weekly basis, discover the proven tricks, tips, and strategies that can increase your window cleaning business profits, faster than you ever thought possible.

Since this is the world’s first resource of its kind, and a new idea and all, I figured I’d make it fun for all the viewers by giving away a brand-new 4GB iPod Nano too, during the premier broadcast on Monday March 17, 2008 @ 11:00am EST! One catch: You’ve got to watch to win, because I’m gonna give it away during the broadcast!

Mark your calendars today to watch the premier episode “live” on Monday for your chance to win this cool little prize (and learn a ton of important window cleaning business advice), and then tune in every Monday @ 11:00am EST for your weekly dose of window cleaning marketing intelligence.

P.S. Here’s exactly what one viewer’s gonna win on Monday, March 17, 2008, during the premier broadcast (no strings attached) :

Don’t forget to tune in next Monday, March 17, 2008 @ 11:00 EST !

you never cease to amaze me!

hehe… you NEVER cease to amaze ME, Kevin.

(browny points for the nano)

I’m looking forward to seeing this in action. Good job, Kevin!

I was just thinking about that! fixed

Thx guys.

See you Monday! Don’t forget to tune in @ 11:00 am EST…


Ermm, 11 eastern is 5 hours behind London +1 (for me), so…see you at 5p.m.

Just wondered why your broadcasting in the middle of the day?

I originally thought 11 pm. I’ll have to remember to bring the headphones to work.

Good question with the timing thing Karl-

I just figured that during the day our brains are a little more awake, and we’re more in learning mode. I could broadcast in the evenings, and I may end up doing so, but I’d like to try this first.

Also, a daytime broadcast will allow viewers to implement some of my suggestions the same business day, whereas strategies learned during an evening program may just slip the mind the next morning…

And…no matter when it’s broadcast, with various time zones involved, at least its 8:00 am in California (not too early), and only mid-to-late afternoon for Europe friends, as you said.

See you Monday!

P.S. I plan on taping each episode, too, for online viewing later, if people can’t watch it “live”…

very well thought out

I am going to call and cancel my AM appointment for monday. I want to see what your workin with on this one.

Where do we log into the podcast??

Cool, Louie.

Right from

Or from the main website, instead. Your choice.

I’m gonna make some downloadable resources available each episode too, so it might be better to watch from my site, instead, to easily access those.

See you Monday!

Dang! being a one man show ill be working at 11am…

Please…don’t be naked!

I hear ya! I’m going into my busiest week of 2008 so far. I guess that’s a good thing right. :wink:

Yep it all started rolling last week, I’m working the next 2 weekends, including this one.

Okay, we’re going “live” at 11:00 EST!

Tune in to the premier broadcast at

Don’t forget that one viewer is going to win a slick little 4GB iPod Nano (the one with the cool little screen!), but you have to watch for your chance to win it!

Thanks for dropping by every Monday at 11:00 am EST.

[COLOR=Blue]Thanks Kevin, great show, great tool!

I enjoyed the first installment, and eagerly await future shows.

I was disappointed to see that the number of viewers dropped from 28 to 24 immediately after the Nano was awarded…

25 viewers
not too bad, is there another way to view this?