Window cleaning Business or Service?

So today in florida I had to stop my route pretty early due to a massive thunderstorm and hale pelting me in the face. I had some time to reflect and think about some things while I sat in the car hoping for the storm to pass so I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow and pick up the slack.

Earlier that day after I finished an account I had some time to walk around and talk to some of the surrounding businesses. I tried two different sales techniques wanting to see the difference; I was pretty amazed at the difference.

In a couple of places I said “window cleaning business” and others I said “window cleaning service”. I changed up the words but I found saying the word Service made them feel like I had a big company.

My opening line to the big honcho was, “hello, my name is matt with east coast window cleaning. We SERVICE many businesses in your area and would like to see if you would like to try our services”. It always changes here and there but I found this opening line of SERVICE not business to be about 50% more effective.

When other window cleaners come to an account of yours cold calling it, wouldn’t you like the owner/manager to say they already have a window cleaning service instead of a guy that cleans our windows?

There is just something about saying those little words that makes your business look big.

Or, your service look small.

right, even if you’re a one man show (as I am sometimes) I try run it like I had a huge company. If you treat it that way, it will happen

True dat.

Great post

I agree that “service” is a much better fit for our industry. I really like your opening line. I am going to steal it. I just did a half day of cold calling yesterday in an area that I am trying to break into, and I had a very similar response from business owners and managers. I’d walk in, tell 'em who I was, what I did, and that I’d like to know if they were using a service. Most of them said, “Yeah, we use some guy.”

I thought to myself, “I hope that my customers don’t say that about me!”. I don’t want to be just some guy. It made me think about how I view my customers and visa versa. I am going to spend sometime in the next month visiting my customers on an off-duty visit and try to be a customer to them, all the while, developing a relationship that is tight between us!

in high school i was a telemarketer and a when I graduated from high school I sold copiers… so I learned quickly that the opening line and first 30 seconds of there attention was vital. How you stand, how you talk…super loud or quit, how you approach them…eyes down in awkwardness or fully confident. All these little things make a good communicator. I know I have alot to work on, but it’s cool walking out of a business and the first thing I do is evaluate my conversation and all that good stuff.

Today I had a plaza contact me about doing all the businesses in them because they heard about my SERVICES from one of the accounts I do already in the plaza. It’s a good size 9 business plaza. They told me they wanted a proposal soon. That was this afternoon, so I’ve got a nice looking one finished and will be hand delivering it to the “man” first thing in the morning.
It’s cool they heard about my services, not the kid who washes windows.

just thought I would share that piece of updated info :slight_smile:

I think you feeling big is far more important than what they feel. You have no way of knowing how they perceive you or if they even care. Service and company are 2 different meanings. Service should work better as it describes what you do for them, business describes you.

Service does not sound bigger, it sounds descriptive

That’s what is called building a Rapport, it can be very difficult for some people to do and that’s why sales/marketing classes exist.

On a different note this thread got me thinking about how much I hate it when people call what we do “Window Washing” instead of “window Cleaning”. I don’t know if that irritates anyone else but it really bothers me!

Why does it bother you so much?

Who calls it that?

Could it simply be semantics?

it has been about 5 minutes since I have seen the “window washing” vs “window cleaning”…


I am always up for “Some Antics”!!!:D:D:D

This is quite humorous. When I started my first window cleaning company in 1993, everyone was going by window washing and here I was running Ray’s Window Cleaning. So this time around I went with Clearvue Window Washing and now everone is going by window cleaning. Can you see the irony?

Some call it washing and others call it cleaning. Its really a preference, thats all. I prefer cleaning.

Anyone can “wash” a window. Not everyone can “clean” a window. My .02


Does one “wash” their hair or “clean” their hair? Don’t they mean “clean” when using the word “wash” in this example?

I wash the windows to make them clean. I am starting to confuse myself. Ugh.

“Pop” or “Soda?”

In the South we say “coke”

example: Would you like a coke? Yes, Dr. Pepper please.

haha…I guess I should not worry about it then. Seems it really doent matter to the customer as long as I provide a quality service, they dont care about the name.