Window Cleaning has been an incredible gift to me

I’ve been stalking this forum for the last year and really appreciate the community, questions, and comments. My birthday gift to myself was to take advantage of the 3 Way Pay membership to WCRA- I can’t wait to dig into all the “stuff”. This post is meant to encourage and not to brag! I started my first window cleaning business in 1985 at the same time I was going to a Christian college to become a youth pastor. I was the “lot boy” at Taco Bell, cleaning bathrooms, wiping tables, mopping floors, and cleaning the windows. A real estate guy saw me asked me if I could clean windows at a condo he was trying to sell-I did and the rest is history!

For the past 27 years, window cleaning has either supplemented my salary, or has been my 100% income, depending on what was going on with the ministry. I was able to get married, pay for college for both me and my wife, buy a house, raise two children, and have a wonderful and fullfilling life-All because of window cleaning!

Now jump ahead. A year and a half ago, I came back from pastoring a church in Costa Rica after 4 years. Before I was even back in the country, I purchased about $1200 worth of supplies from WCR and ordered 10,00 doorhangers from When I came home, I immediately hit the streets passing out the doorhangers. During this time, window cleaning has been our families sole source of income. My wife takes care of scheduling, estimates, and paperwork. Last year, 2011, we grossed just over $40,000. That’s not much after expenses, but we managed to keep our heads above water and now we have a great foundation to build on this year.

Sorry about the long first post, but please be encouraged that window cleaning is an awesome and viable business. Whenever I have had doubts, I go to the forum and read all of your posts. The community helps me know that I am not alone, and many of you are thriving. So Thank You!! I am looking forward to getting to know you and participating in the forum.

Welcome, and thanks for sharing your story!

Great story, thank you for sharing brother.

That’s awesome what
You are doing for the kingdom! Hope God blesses your business I know he will! And your story gives me
Faith for my business!

Welcome Brett.