Window Cleaning in a ROLEX? What?


I am at the Circle K by my house when I see another window cleaner. I stop. Walk up and introduce myself.

I always introduce myself to other window cleaners. Even when I took a 5 year break from window cleaning. Why?[B] I have WC in my blood.[/B] My one true passion. Even if it was just to check out there rig, or just inquire about their services, they always seem stand off-ish. Like trying to figure out if I am competition when I ask if they ever get on WCR. Maybe it’s because I know more about their tools than they do. (Bucket Bobs) I don’t know…

SO… I introduce myself to [MENTION=3241]dexter445[/MENTION] Doc of Doc’s Window Cleaning in Tucson, Arizona.

I can honestly say Doc is the coolest window cleaner I have ever randomly met in person. Although I knew Doc from this forum, just the chance meeting qualifies.

We sat there in the parking lot and swapped stories for an hour. He is showing me his set up, and we are talking tools when I notice [B]this cats wearing a Rolex.[/B] He just completed 3 resi jobs, had his uniform on still… This dudes slinging squeegees and WFP’s in a Rollie… Nice. My new role model. :cool:

It was awesome walking up to another window cleaner and not having them feel immediately threatened. We both said it while talking. [I]“There is more than enough glass out there for all of us.”[/I] He has been in this game 20 years in this market. He has a solid book of business. He has no reason to be threatened by a guy with a broken leg, broken ribs, and a missing tooth starting another window cleaning company.

[B][SIZE=3]What? Your cleaning windows with a missing tooth, broken rib, and leg?[/SIZE][/B] It’s in my blood bitches… :stuck_out_tongue:

That and I am broke.

Not too long ago I had a successful marketing company and was semi retired. I wrecked my motorcycle in August. Been in and out of the hospital and have some brain damage as well as the previously mentioned. Got a bike? Wear your gear! I wasn’t. Now I don’t have a bike and I split my head open twice. Not my first concussion by any means, but obviously the worst.

Anywho. Result of not being able to think clearly? I lost a huge account that made it possible for me to enjoy my golf course lifestyle. With a huge cut in income, what’s a single dad to do with a bruised brain and some broken bones? [B]Start a window cleaning company.[/B]

I was heading in that direction anyway due to a hyper tension scare… I know my post count is really low, but I am on old member returning. Chris gave me a post count of 250 when I rejoined so I wouldn’t look like a total noob, but then I went dark again… Wrecking my motorcycle messed me all up. For a while I didn’t even have internet or cable.

Now I am back… again, again. Hoping that one day I can wear a Rolex as my field watch.

When Doc says he makes $100 hour. I absolutely believe him. I can’t wait to buy that man a beer.

There is no such thing as competition in window cleaning. I mean… I am competitive in nature… Yes I want to have the biggest and baddest company on the planet. But. When people are telling you your prices are higher than what they usually pay and your full of self doubt. It sure is great seeing another [U]true window cleaning professional like Doc[/U]. We talked about prices and we are in the same range. That really put my mind at ease.

What happens when you meet other window cleaners in your area?

Are you full of self centered fear making you stand offish or are you confident in your skills and business model enough to say, “Hey, check out my new toys.” like Doc did with me?

Sorry, you’ve had some serious setbacks, Louie.
You seem to have a positive attitude though.
I’d probably be happy to be lucid and profitable enough to keep going if I were in your shoes!

Thanks for the positive shout out Louie. It was great to meet Louie, great guy and crippled window cleaner the guys has a broken leg and is cleaning windows. On the back of his truck he has just a harbor freight deck shove into his reeces hitch with his di tank and his kneeler. Which is a tricycle for people with a broken leg. Great guy and. great addition to the forum. And on a Side note I’ve only had about 3 clients spot my watch in 20 years. Usually they say wtf is a window cleaner doing with a Rolex. My response is “I wash a lot of windows”. I’ve been an avid watch collector for some time but my gmt II is my everyday watch.

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Will say I have never met doc in person but I have talked with him on the phone. Very friendly guy.
I was wondering what happened to louie. You were always spot on with your post. Hopefully you get better soon.

I am kind of skidish around other window cleaners. If I think they are a newbie I don’t talk shop with them. I like talking shop with people that know there stuff. I find old pros less threat about pricing if any think they let me know if my prices are two low.

I had a Rolex once. Bought it because my dad had one for 20 years and never did a thing to it. I paid $2500 for mine (new) and after having it repaired and cleaned twice (in two years) at a cost of $250 each time, I sold it. Nice bling, but sucks as time piece in my experience, not even that accurate.

Boy… I’m all over the place reading your post, Louie. :confused:

I guess I’ll start out light, and say that I know some young people who would honestly ask “what is a watch?!?” :smiley:
Second- heads up to Dexter, for being a good dude.
Actually both of you, for some reason there is a confirmation when members meet. :slight_smile:

I used to run into a ton of window cleaners at the local (lucky for me) window cleaning suplier.
We would all bitch about our bosses, and talk about the best way to make a chair feel comfortable.
Padding here, tape around a carabiner to stop the rub there, etc…

We were all very friendly.
These days I see a lot of younger, not only in age, but in tenure people who get real standoffish.
“Dude, I can barely get my current work done,
I sure as shit ain’t trying to take YOURS while you’re on the job.” :rolleyes:

Here’s where I’m going to come across as an asshole…

Please tell this exact same thing to everyone and anyone.

Michigan dropped the Helmet Law not so long ago, and I HATE IT!!!

And when I say anything I get the typical argument “well it’s not YOUR life at risk.”

  • “what do YOU care?!?”


If I rear end someone (never have, by the way) it’s one thing.
If I rear end someone, on a bike, not wearing a helmet, and he cracks his head open and dies…
What happens to me?!?


Bikers want us vehicle drivers to “watch out” for them.
“Rules of the road” and all that…

Meanwhile I gotta babysit some dude who wants to bob & weave
Cheating traffic
Speeding by 20 mph
Who wants to feel the wind in his hair and look cool!?

You guys want to 'play by your own rules/“outlaw” bullshit.
Then expect me to see you as the ‘fragile motorcycle enthusiast’ when it fits your needs.

Fuck that, I drive about 120 miles per day, and am seriously tired of seeing close calls and recklessness.
My day is stressful enough, not having to babysit daredevils.

For what it’s worth, Ten minutes ago, before I wrote this…
I prayed for a speedy recovery for you.

And I hope to God you come out this happy and healthy!!!

Yeah, I get the same reaction when I roll up in my Aston Martin.

Just kidding. Good on Dexter for having nice things, but watches are low on my list of things I Want To Buy. I like things that go “Pew” instead of “tick.”

Oh, and I like meeting other window cleaners but yeah, some give you the stink eye.

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That’s what’s up.

Hate to say it, I used to be one of those dare devils. But I am too old for all that now.

My head is a little all over the place too. Part of my problem bro. But it’s all good. :slight_smile:

[SIZE=4]This was my storefront rig so I can DI clean windows literally from a wheel chair.[/SIZE]

Hey man. I just took my bike out for a ride after a monsoon rain storm here in Southern AZ. Dirt in the road on a curve and my bike slid out from under me at 45 - 50 mph (speed limit for said curve)

I am grateful there were cars behind me on the street that saw it all go down or I could have been mangled more because people do [B]NOT SEE [/B]guys who like motorcycles. Especially when you stop your road rashed face onto a curb and your leg is hanging off when you try to get up.

In Tucson it’s Snow Bird territory. So you see a lot of Q-Tips driving down the road who can barely see there speedometer.

The look out for bikers message is for those boboso’s who out of nothing but God centered love and respect I wish would just stop driving.[B] Not you.[/B] You’re intelligent enough to constantly be alert as you drive and never in your life EVER pulled out or started to pull out in front of a motorcycle for one reason or the other.

I have always been hella cautious because I have custody of my 15 year old son. He sold his bike while I was in the hospital. I think I may have scared some sense into that kid. I mean really. Despite my best efforts, this kid has really turned out alright. :slight_smile:

Anyway man, just had to get that off my chest.