Window cleaning in Canada

Whats the normal frequency of cleans for residential and whats involved as when i was over in Canada a couple of years ago i saw alot of windows with screens on them are these cleaned?

I work here in the uk with wfp but for obvious reasons it would not be possible to clean screens etc with it so is all the windows cleaned from ladders only?

And one last question

What do you do in the winter when its way below freezing and cant work do you have other add on services that you can do in the winter

Most WC’s try to get customers on a twice per year basis. Tho it’s not unusual to do 3 per year. I have a couple like that. I have one that I do once a month but this is a rarity. Screens are just something you have to deal with. Many WC’s do a basic brushing or wipe included in the wc price while others charge for screen cleaning and may include some special cleaners and sealers. newer homes tend to have casement windows with screens on the inside of the house. In this case you’d only clean them if you were also doing the interiors and they usually only need a quick wipe.

So far I haven’t noticed too many companies using WFP for residentials unless they are new homes and especially 3 story town homes. So yes, there will be ladder work.

Some, like myself, have small commercial storefront routes as well as doing residential. Storefronts can be done year round. Just add some antifreeze washer fluid to your mix. I also shovel snow for some of my WC clients. I’ll be looking at some other addons or totally unrelated things to keep me busy this next year. I don’t mind cleaning windows in the winter, it’s just that it’s a hard sell for residentials and like last year, most days had too much snow to do the work safely.

Anymore questions just fire away. :slight_smile:

Learn how to repair screens, it is a nice way to make some money during the winter. Do a flier in one of the sub divisions that has alot of houses with screens. Just figure out your material cost and what you want to make per screen and thats what you will charge, go to local places Lowes, Home Depot or what ever big hardware store is in your area and ask what they charge for different sizes of screens, that will help you with what you want to charge. Customers like the idea of someone coming to get the screens and repairing them then putting them back in.

Not too sure on the UK market but from what I have read you guys seem to clean once a month and it’s outside only. I take it most of your customers would not be home during the time you are there and you would end up billing them. I would let them know they need to remove the screens before you show up. This way you can WFP. If you tried that in the states you would not get much business. But being the law over there won’t allow for the use of ladders I think most homeowners would understand. If they are home during the cleaning I would remove the screens for them at an extra charge.
When I am using my WFP I use it to clean the screens. It works better then soap. I lay all the screens down on a curb or something so when the water builds up under it, it wont’ make the screen more dirty.
As stated before you can get 2 times per year cleanings from customers, 3 can be done but I find those homeowners to be a little more of a PITA as they are ANAL about clean. Mine don’t really complain. But it’s the comments like “Is that window clean? There is a spot on it.” no matter how many times I clean the home, I still have to tell them it’s condensation spot in between the panes and I can’t get that out. But they are old so they forget. Only have a few of them.
I offer gutter cleaning service in the down season and gutter guards. I don’t get much call for the gutter guards as for the price down here, people can have their entire gutters replaced for the cost of my material. Besides old people don’t care too much about their homes after a while. It’s like they have given up maintaining some parts of the home as they know they are not going to be living in it soon. I have a small snow blower that I keep in the truck. Snow is weird here, one year nothing, next year 3 feet. But I keep it there cause it’s small. We had maybe 2 inches of snow where I am. I think Chris had more them me this year, but he is more north and the mountians by hime trap the cold air. He can get 1 ft of snow an being I live by the ocean and the salt air eats all the snow. I can get 1 inch. But either way Last year I made $100 one day blowing off 2 inches of snow from walkways to the mailbox for the old people here. I could have just as well used a broom but old people don’t like to see you use stuff they would use. They think you should use a machine if you are a pro. lol. Sorry for the long winded one.