Window Cleaning Is Height Of Fashion


oh help us please . . .

“the power of the kilt”

“kilts represent a strong work ethic, pride and trust . . .”


we’ll have to get back to you later and see if you don’t end up in $5 a window franchise land along with the rest of the F*shes, and see how that power of the kilt thing is working out

“I wanna use you kilt guys, but the f*sh price is half what your price is” ha ha ha, I can hear it now

easy, memorable, entertaining, but why are you, the customer, paying more/less again? What value is there again in having a kilt that translates into higher profit margins? (not busyness, profit margins)

“may the kilt be with you” . . . you’re gonna need if that’s all you got marketing differentiation wise


[I]“Peter Waterfield puts on his kilt just like everybody else in the morning - both legs at once.”[/I]

Is this an example of being different by design???

4mil over 7 locations could be good.

Ok, I’m Seattle based and these kilts just moved in town. I have heard nothing but bad from them. I see them only doing store fronts anyways. But do these guys pressure wash in kilts? is that real? So against the idea of franchise window cleaning.

I dont think I could get our guys to wear kilts…

How 'bout these: Borat Thong Swimsuit