Window Cleaning magazine (MASHUP)

Just got it… Great Read.

Glad you liked it… Lee, Steph and I worked hard on that one…

You should check out the digital version it has a lot more articles than we could fit in the print one - Window Cleaning Business Owner Magazine Issue #15 Downloadable PDF

For the record, I really appreciate having the print version.

I swear to you, I flip thru them on almost a daily basis, to pass time in the truck.

I’m glad to hear that… A lot of thought went into the sizing… I always hoped guys would keep them in the work truck… And for bathroom reading.

Ps we are increasing distribution in January to 30k issues, 6 times a year. I hope to move to monthly the year after that.

The sizing is PERFECT.

They always get kicked around, and stand up to the beating.

I kept a Power washing magazine as well, but it got torn apart/under peoples feet.

The downloadable PDF is where it’s at for me… They’re perfect on the iPad mini, and I can keep all the issues on it

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central, Mass
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I like it too. Thanks a lot for the downloadable PDF version.