Window cleaning post renovation

I have a customer who has booked us in to clean the windows now that she has finished renovating her house. She lives in the US most of the time and is obviously used to the way you do business over there. (I’m in the UK dont forget) We will clean the windows inside and out and also clean any openings inbetween. Is there anything else she would expect? Money is not an issue for her, in fact when I first suggested a price (for a basic inside outside clean) she said she expected it to be much more! It will take no more than 4-5 hours but she was suprised when we said we would not need more than 1 day.

What kind of hourly rate can you guys get away with for such work?
We have not given her a final price, she will ,for sure, be happy to pay whatever we charge, having said that I dont want to over do it.
Any suggestions?

I would make sre she understands the when you say you’re cleaning the windows she’s not expecting the frames as well. I have to be very clear when dealing w/ renovation cleans (here we call the construction clean up or CCU). If you’re both on the same page then you’ll be OK. I’d worry though because she was suprised by your time frame and price.

To be honest unless she wants the frames renovating it still wont take more than 6 hours.

I understand Stuart, But if she’s used to how things are on this side of the pond then she knows we charge 2-3 times the normal rate for those cleans. Might be why she was suprised.

When doing a bid for a window cleaning job ask your customer questions, this is the time to get to know what kind of service there looking for, and listen!

Be honest with the customer this is what you’re basic service offers and this is what it cost. And inform them anything above and beyond that will cost X-amount of pounds.

It sounds like you have a very smart customer and she should know that services will differ from the U.S. even from business to business. Make it clear in your assessment of the home what the service you will be providing at what the cost to the customer will be.

And remember always ask for the job, “So when would you like me to start on your windows.”

It’s really this part I would like feedback on. In order to see how far off I might be from you boys.