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Actually its better than window cleaning school! Sit back and relax this winter from the comfort of your home and navigate over to: Window Cleaning School   We have a whole new webinar series airing every Tuesday until … [Continue reading →](


I’ll be watching every past webinar when I am laid up after my surgery Monday. Can’t wait!


So what exactly are they doing to your back John?

Drilling two holes in my back. Breaking off two pieces of bone, shaving the two discs, lifting up the damaged nerve and then vacuuming out any gunk that is messing with my nerves. Then sewing me all back up.

Wow! Best of luck with everything. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Thanks. I’m pretty excited for it, but not excited about the time off. 6 weeks is gonna be real tough.

Anyways, I’m excited about the webinar. Thanks, Chris. I’m really looking forward to this WCRA membership.

John, Hope all goes well with the surgery-no complications and you get back to cleaning windows pain free.

I had a pretty similar surgery a few years ago… You should pick up this book, it helped me so much… You can snag it on iTunes audio for like 7 bucks I think

Holy cow!!!
I wish you the absolute best, man!!

Wait, didn’t somebody already start a window cleaning school?
It’s complicated stuff and all.

Sounds like some more webinars to get me in trouble with the wife…

Her:“You spend more time on that damn computer then fixing stuff around here”

Me: but I just got my new membership I have so much to catch up on webinars,advertising material,ect!!!

Thanks “wcra” for making my life even that much harder…

John wish you all the best with the surgery and recovery!!!

That’s an excellent book. We would give it to our back pain patients. Actually, we gave them a copy of the cover and told them to get it on Amazon.

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Thanks Derryll…

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for those that dont have extenuating circumstances like these

core exercises will do wonders for preventing a pulled back or a back ‘going out’ etc

stuff like planks and such ( try the plank for 60 seconds and see how you do (or build up to 60 seconds), then build up to 3 sets of those, then onto the all the others over time)

Core exercises are huge! So important.

great book

chin-ups also work great for straightening out the vertebrae