Window Cleaning Techniques by Mr. Sanchez

Please welcome our newest show.


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Turns out Mr.Sanchez is a pretty good Window Cleaner. Nice Job Sanchez!

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Great video Mr. Sanchez!

I pretty much use [B]method one[/B] 99% of the time. Sometimes with the backflip and sometimes with the basic mop and squeegee.

Keep the videos coming! :slight_smile:

Well done!

I’d like to request some Fishbone for the next show.

Well done man, keep them coming, I really suck doing polework.

Is the moustache … let’s say … real? :slight_smile:

yeah I like the vids, keep’em coming…I need to practice my pole work.
the mustache is looks real to me.
looking forward to more vids

That was great. I was thinkng maybe a little Ween for the next show. Ween fans, anyone?
On another note, I been practicing my fanning on store front with my wagtail flipper. I got it from WCR and it’s awesome once you get use to it. I use method one after I screw up the fanning, lol.


yeah, I would like to see some fanning vids

I’m still waiting to see a video of someone fanning with an Unger swivel handle. I’ve tried very unsuccessfully several times.

Love 'em!

I’ll see Dave Dreiwitz at the end of this month – he also plays bass in the group Bustle in Your Hedgerow. It’s always a blast…

I thought it was interesting the way he moved slightly to the right on his vertical pulls. I keep the dry side of the squeegee angled down when I do vertical pulls. Might have to try it his way. Great video Sanchez!

I do the same. I used to move slightly to the right as I went down to avoid a line but as you say “dry side angled down” is what I do now.

Good video ! but why didn’t he use a Zeroº and go straight to the ground?

Did you use the angle adapter with it? I suck without it thus far. I’ve been using mine this week also. My third day with it. I’ve been doing pretty well with it I think. My last job today, I went inside to get my $ and the girls in there said “We were watching you and decided that you were an artist”. [U]Chicks definitely dig the [URL=“”]Wagtail ![/U]

Which handle did you use? I use the Zeroº. I haven’t tried the angled one but I think you need an angle adapter to use for it. It may have been on the Advanced Window Cleaning Skills video but I can’t remember. I was doing a [URL=“”]Starbucks 2 weeks ago and someone told me that that technique was “mesmerizing” to watch. I could try to describe it and even draw pictures if you want but I’m not sure how much help that would be.

I’m so glad I can finally fan reasonably well ! I’ve been getting so many compliments over the past few weeks. :o

So you are pole fanning with the zero° swivel? Anyway to video tape it?

I dont think so but I’m trying to figure out how I could. I will have to get back with you on that.

I wear Wagtail cologne and I can attest to this statement. :smiley:

THAT…was funny.

:smiley: :smiley: @ Alex

Great video, love the start music as well.
I was thinking that you could get these guys to make a quick clip for ya:

I forgot about that one Karl. I love the 3rd guy from the left. He just keeps trying to get the window on one go before he pushes himself away.:D:D

Those guys are stars - first time I watched it the coffee went through my nose :smiley:

Maybe i am a bit stupid but how when you move the squeegee down at an angle to the right does this not streak???the squeegeee is still wet…no?

does anyone find when they are finishing wiping the frames like that you can smudge the glass very easily?