WINDOW CLEANING VIDEO TIP NUMBER 9 " Cleaning hard to get Sills "

If a ladder or a WFP is not possible try this , maybe pre wet sills that are in neeed, or use a pretty wet cloth and then go over with a dryer cleaner one.

[video=youtube_share;f48WYqzvqQs]- YouTube

For as many people who have figured out how to WFP the right way.
(rock the body, not work the arms)

You’d think y’all would have stepped away from the bulky ass knucklebuster
that is, your typical turn to tighten blocky, thingy.

You learned WFP ergonomics, now try applying the same thought process with traditional.

Seriously. Some of you have COMPLETELY forgot what you are preaching.:confused:

Though I rarely encounter this scenario, I see it as a good touch-up idea.

I had a similar situation today on a large sill. I took a monsterhead dustbuster (blue, plastic 360 brush) on a stick to get the webs and heavy dirt off. Because I don’t haul a lot of water with me indoors, I find it mo’ betta to just slap a mop on that sill and call it good. Run downstairs and dunk, wring, and roll. Sometimes I switch wands.

Why is this better? You’d have to get that sill soaked to work it with a towel on a squeegee. I like the wand because it soaks up the dirt and water; doesn’t pour dirty water drips down the siding.

Your cameraman is holding the iPhone vertically again. Your videos become 1/3 the standard size when filmed this way.

Water fed pole cannot be used here because the water would drip all over the sill below and splash back onto the window plus the contract is inside and out as are 99 % of my jobs,
Yes the camerman is the customer, all these videos are spontaneous , i am bit forgetful regarding that sorry
The sill was sprayed down and not in the shot and a cloth as one shown in the winow is more than sufficien if sills were thst bad would just bring 2. Tbar s one 14 " for e glass and a seperate small tbar , 6 inch for the sill .
The point of using this small squggee and a microfiber is is the flat pointed design flipped reverse allows you to get in the corners and flush to the window , sorry to say a mop ( t bar ) would not do thst better ,because its too wide and would not get into the corners,