Window Coating Removal

A regular commercial customer of mind referred a contractor to me. He is remodelling a store and wants me to remove approximately 280 square feet of a self-adhesive translucent coating. I did a test patch today with an simple water/Dawn mix and a scraper. The test patch came off fairly easy and didn’t leave an excessive amount of glue residue.

How would you price this job?

And, any recommendations on what to use if I run into any dificulties?

UPDATE: I don’t think I will ever agree to a window coating removal job again. It took me so much longer than I anticipated that I should have charged 4x what I did in order for it to be worth it. It was physically demanding, slow, and tedious.

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Sorry to hear that. Sometimes we are the bug, sometimes we are the windshield…

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Sounds a lot like tint removal! Ugh! I hate tint removal.