Window Frame Restoration

Hi all,

Just wanting some advice on products to use for aluminium frame restoration.

Has anyone used any particular products that they would recommend?


It would really depend on the amount of area you have to restore. For larger areas or numerous windows with raw aluminum, I would use either a citric or oxalic acid cleaner for heavy oxidation. For smaller areas, there are plenty of metal polishes you can find in automotive stores in the car detailing section. If the customer isn’t really concerned about making the frames shine, some steel wool can give the surface a buffed appearance. For powder coated window frames, there are a few oxidation removers out there that should be followed up with a sealant like Everbrite.

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I’d stay away from it all together. Aluminum oxidizes with air. As soon as you sand it or whatever you plan to do, its gonna be just as bad in a couple weeks.

By the way, there isn’t a sealer for aluminum that I am aware of that will give you the effect you are looking for. The sealers out there only mimick what annodizing does. Its a clear epoxy that you spread onto the surface of the metal. It really isn’t restoring it at all. Over time, epoxy will yellow…especially when exposed to the elements.

Aluminum is annodized. (don’t mean to patronize you but if you didn’t know; annodizing aluminum is basically closing the pores in the metal, so it won’t oxidize)

Unless you have a way to annodize aluminum without giving it a bath, I wouldn’t mess with it.

Guard Industry have good products for this process.i would look it up and see for yourself.Google Guard Industrie or Protect Guard.

I did. That stuff isn’t made for aluminum. Its a sealer, but not for aluminum. You can not seal aluminum unless you anodize it or paint it. Not one single product they make is meant for this. Don’t just throw random stuff out there as advice man unless you know for a fact. Thats just bad advice.