Window pricing

I have 22 of these windows…i was thinking .85 per pane for in and out…does that sound right?

Are they true divided lites? Couldn’t tell on my phone.

If so, I’d be a bot higher – $1.25 to $1.50.

are you counting 24 panes per window? 24 X .85 = 20.00 per window set. Good price if you can sell it

I’d be $20-$25 per set

Based on exterior dividers (not sandwiched inside two panes of glass)

That .85 per side of pane or both sides which would be .425¢ each side.
I get .65 per side of pane = $1.30 both sides. 24 panes x 2 sides = 48 surfaces = $31.20 each window in/out.

i think $20.00-25.00 a section would be good. If its a one-time job maybe $30.00 per section.

They look like removable grids…

$25.00 no lower

I’d be at $24 each. Larry, why would it matter if they are true divideds or simulated divideds?

Simulated can leak behind the grids

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Simulated typically takes me longer to detail due runners.

We call them “bleeders” if they are the cheap plastic dividers that let water run behind them.

Either way we would be at $30 per set.

Oh, I was thinking not of the loose grills, but rather SDL’s as opposed to ADL’s. Sorry. Divided Lites - Marvin Signature Services -

Just gotta direct those leaks. A lot of soap and surgical towels.

Hello I am new to washing windows. What are simulated divided?How do you price windows in a restaurant that are like french windows but it is about 15 feet wide?

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