Window tint adhesive removal

I have a coustumer that had some sample tinting on her windows. She couldn’t make up her mind and left them on to long and took them down her self. She left a lot of the adhesive on the window and asked me to remove it for her. I tried to razor and bronze wool and only scratched the surface of it and didn’t remove any. How can I get it off?

Goo gone?

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sorry not helpful really.

Denatured alcohol and a microfibre cloth?


Theres some great threads on this topic, try alittle searching and im positive you’ll find a quick way to remove it.

One tip… heat gun and scraper works wonders, with a signed waiver. Don’t let the glass get to hot it can crack.

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Great tip about the heat gun. I have one that I need to excavate from amongst the clutter in my garage.
I used to use it when I was doing fiberglass work back when I was fishing, never thought to use it for WC.

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Works great for removing tint and adhesive from glass, just monitor how hot the glass is getting.