Window Tint removal

Does anyone have some suggestions for removing window tint besides scraping? I’ve done it before and it’s a lot of work.

i don’t know why but about 1 1/2 year ago head office of this company tinted all the exterior windows of their stores. (i clean 3 of them) After just one winter the salt ate away at the tint and now they look terrible, in some places you can hardly see through the tint. Now they want to know if i can take the tint off.

thanks in advance

Sorry, Ash. Dunno.

From NWCD:

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Basically what you described is correct.Take a razor cut a cross hatch (like & X ) spray ammonia apply plastic (perferably black trash bag) to the area let stand.

Depending on how long the tint’s been on will dictate the time in which the plastic should remain. It should come off in good size pieces once you get it going using a larger razor-scraper like a 6" the real PITA is getting the remaining “old glue” off thats the time killer.

Bottom line …i would highly consider getting a scratch waiver signed.For 2 reasons…(1) in the event of it being heat treated glass of poor quality (2) if scratches occur from all the scraping required.

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Last time I took tint off - I was worried I would break the glass - I was going at it hammer & tongue. I have no set way of removing it - it seems that every tint is different its quality & manufacture - I try to avoid removing it.
I have had luck with a heat gun (but don’t stay in one area for too long). I also have got lucky with the whole sheet that comes off thinking that the rest would be a breeze - but there are always a couple that just rip in your hand constantly - & take twice as long as the 5 you have just taken off in one go.

I have one of Andy Engstroms e-vids that has some stuff on their about removing tint. Sez you need undiluted ammonia, a scraper, steel wool and a black trash bag. It talks about ideally you be able to get the surface below the tint layers to where you can peel it off as a whole.

I would give up the file but it is one of those copyrighted deals I believe.

I used to tint.

The windows have only been tinted for a year or so. Good.

Go to blowes or home cheepo and get contractors trash bags. They are thick and black. Get one box. Masking tape, a gallon or so of pure amonia and razors (if you dont have any) Also get a small pumup-up type sprayer. hand held version.

Cut the bags open so they are sheets. Clean the window area so the tape will stick.
Tape the sheet to the bottom and half way up one side of a window. You are making a trap for the window. the nag MUST BE TOUCHING THE GLASS when you tape it shut. Before you tape it shut…take a deep breath…and saturate the window with amonia. Tape her shut. The window must be wet. let it dwell for 45 minute. Re-apply amonia to insure the window is wet.

The amonia will work…eventually. and you will NOT have to fight the tint. if you have to struggle…re-apply. Let dwell.

it will never just all off…the the amonia will break down the glue given enough is appiled and allowed th dwell. it has to penetrate the film first and that will take 30 minutes or so.

I have used this method many many times. What is often left out of the description is the key…dwell. The bag prevent the fluid from evaporationg as fast. Wrong nags will melt.

follow these instructions to the T. The film will come off often in one sheet.

I worked for a tint company for 6 yrs and the bag method seems to be the best. Just follow the instructions from Deeper Clean and you’re golden. You can also look at some tint-tool sites( for chemicals to spray under the bag. Tint Off seems to work good but it’s probably the same as amonia. Have fun sprayin and baggin windows!

If the tint is on the exterior of the building whoever installed it is stupid.

Quite a few jobs - my wfp managed to scratch it - luckily I had the waiver :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow guys, thanks a lot, i really appreciate it.

I’ve never even heard of the bag method, i’ll defiantly give it a try and let you know how it turns out.

i know what you mean about installing tint on the exterior of the windows, i can’t for the life of me think of why they would do that. it looks so bad in just over a year.

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Ye Karl i was just about to ask ashman if there is any chance he scraped the tint himself with a wfp…that is quite common here.

Apparently it is usually the cheaper tints that can suffer at the mercy of a wfp

I do not touch tint with wfp…lucky for me there is not much tint around

I have used the bag method also. Time consuming and a bit on the dangerous side (Amonia). I have used traditional methods also . WC solution on windows and scrape. My experience it comes off in one of two ways this methods. Easy in big strips.Or the PITA way . Inch by Inch . Whichever method i use I get A min of $25/ window to do this. :eek:

We used to price removal between 1 - 2 dollars per square foot if you feel like measuring, but pricing tint is different than window cleaning, we used sq ft for everything doing tint with a minimum of around $325.