Window Tinting

Has any body done or doing window tinting

I was going to start this in extra services like “screens” but didn’t know how

Well I have been looking at it and think it would make a great add on service

All the best


It’s pretty involved.

I used to do some safety film tinting. But as was said before, it is pretty involved and some of the film is really expensive to keep in inventory

Yeh there is a bit involved in it

But I have been getting some inquiries about it lately

Something about the Government energy reduction plan

We have a local company who does window tinting and windshield repair that buys supplies from us. I have been on the same job site as them in the past and it does not look easy. Not saying that you should not give it a try. But do all the research and get all the training you can.

I do know that they charge a lot. So there’s got to be money in it.

Just alittle food for thought here! Remember…when doing [U]any tinting[U][/U][/U] you have to scrape every square inch of glass,by chance you run across any poor quality heat treated glass ie:tempered or heat strengthened it could result in scratched glass.

A waiver would be a smart thing to implement so…you avoid the liability issue’s involved as well as trying to "detect it!


OK after looking into it really well

I’m gonna give it a miss to much messing around

I would rather just expand my client base more and put on a couple of crews

So thank you guys for your help